All the tools you need to...

Simplify, consolidate and automate your business.

Send emails, manage contacts and create sales funnels all right from your WordPress dashboard. Groundhogg is the easiest and most powerful marketing automation tool designed for WordPress.

Marketing Automation

Create simple or complex sales funnels to guide your leads through your sales process.

Email Marketing

Send personalized and highly targeted emails to your list in just a few minutes.


Easily manage your contacts and collect the information you need through custom forms.


Use pipelines to manage leads, generate sales forecasts and trigger automation.

SMS Messaging

Send personalized SMS notifications to your subscribers’ cell phones.

Do you really need to spend $1,000s for marketing automation?

Groundhogg starts at just $20 a month!

Groundhogg is the affordable CRM and marketing automation solution of choice for small businesses all over the world. Your price will stay the same regardless of how many emails you send, how many contacts you have, how many users or even how many funnel automations. Whether you have 100,000 contacts or only 100 the price is the same.

Stop messing around with 3rd-party integrations!

Groundhogg keeps all your data in one place.

With other CRMs and marketing automation tools you have to spend HOURS integrating your software through APIs and third party connectors. Since Groundhogg is based in WordPress, it can directly connect to all your favorite WordPress eCommerce, sales and lead generation plugins. 

Spend more time sending email, and less time fixing it.

Groundhogg emails have excellent deliverability.

Not only do Groundhogg emails have excellent deliverability out of the gate, but you can use your email delivery provider of choice to send all your emails such as; SendWP, SendGrid, AWS SES, Mailgun or countless other options.

Aren't you tired of switching? Maybe it's time to settle down...

Groundhogg is the last CRM & Marketing automation tool you'll ever need.

If you’ve been switching from provider to provider, we know how painful it can be to move around like that. We also know that if you move to Groundhogg it’s going to be your last stop. Groundhogg’s tools make migration easy and painless. And we know the results you’ll get will keep you from switching ever again.

Small businesses are loving Groundhogg!

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