Groundhogg Vs. FluentCRM

Real marketing automation that can keep up with your growing business.

Need more integrations and more advanced automation? You're not alone! Simple email sequences are no longer enough to create epic results. Groundhogg gives you advanced automation, conditional logic, advanced reporting and insights, dozens of integrations and backs it up with stellar support & training.

More integrations & advanced features for a growing businesses.

The above features are based on the “most popular” plan stated by the platform on their pricing page, or the plan with the closest equivalent feature set. Last updated in September 2020.

Exclusive Benefits When You Choose Groundhogg

Here's what Groundhogg customers love about our plugins!

More Integrations

Groundhogg has over 30 integrations with leading plugin and service providers in the WordPress community, which means you’ll almost never need to purchase third party integration tools.

Compare this to FluentCRM’s limited integrations.

Superior Automation

Groundhogg has advanced funnels that can contain multiple triggers and conditional logic and use alternative communication channels like SMS.

FluentCRM’s automation can only have 1 trigger with timed emails.

Support & Free Training

Groundhogg has free courses & weekly support calls to help you hit the ground running, even if you’re just using the free version.

FluentCRM does not yet provide any training for their product.


Easily share funnels between multiple accounts or installations!

Are you an agency or have multiple businesses and need to share you funnels between them? We make it so easy it only takes 30 seconds.

You may want to share funnels between multiple businesses so that you can re-use the same strategy that you’ve perfected.

When you export a funnel, it will export all the email content, tags, and other configuration with it. So, when you import the funnel it’s 99% configured!


Use our "ready-to-go" funnel templates to get launched faster!

Creating your first funnel and automation can be tricky, that’s why we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you!

Choose from our pre-made ready-to-go funnel templates that you’ll only have to make a few changes to launch and start collecting leads and making sales!

Choose from….

These Customers Are Saving $100s, If Not
$1,000s Per Year After Switching To Groundhogg!

Our customers have tried tools like ActiveCampaign, Drip, Convertkit, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp and many more! Here’s why they decide to become happy customers with Groundhogg.

Here are their stories 👇

The Last Marketing Automation Plugin You’ll Ever Need

“No longer do you have to shell out hundreds of dollars a month to have the same solution (or better) as the other big players in this industry.” — Matt Fraser

Powerful Marketing Automation Software

“Groundhogg is open source software which is simple to use, yet a very powerful option. It can replace Infusionsoft or any other marketing automation solution with this awesome self hosted option.” — Robert Roberston

Great Plugin & Even Greater Support

“This plugin replaces a lot of agonizing applications I used before.
It’s very affordable and the return-on-investment is very good. The support is unbelievably fast and to-the-point.” — Erik Sanders

Best CRM Product, a dream to implement, great support

“In a world with great products and terrible customer support, Groundhogg has created a super functional, easy to implement product with very robust features.” — Samantha Winslow


Save big on Marketing Automation & CRM with Groundhogg

Not only do we offer an easy-to-use marketing automation & CRM solution but we also offer it at a flat rate. This will help you save $100s or even $1,000s a year in marketing automation & CRM software fees.

Flat Rate Pricing — Say “Goodbye,” to the success tax! Never pay more just because your list grows!

Love it or get your money back — if you don’t love Groundhogg in the first 14 days we’ll refund your purchase no questions asked. 100% risk-free.

Stellar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rated support — Average issue & ticket resolution time of 14.5 hours!

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