Groundhogg vs GetResponse

If you’re looking for superior customer service, better usability, and a simpler interface then look no further than Groundhogg. We are dedicated to ensuring your email marketing is as easy as a hot knife through butter.

Email Templates

Groundhogg believes in “get to the point” & loose the fluff. That’s why we provide a suite of “good enough” email templates for you to choose from which will help you write compelling emails and get your list to take action.

HTML Email Editor

Use our no nonsense html email editor to quickly write emails designed to engage your list.

We do NOT provide fancy bells and whistles because there is no link between them and better engagement. you have images, you get buttons and you get text blocks. What more could one ask for?

Oh, and if you’re a bit more techy, use the CODE editor to make pixel perfect designs.

Support When You Need It Most

Roadblocks are inevitable and that’s why we are committed to providing multiple support channels so you can get the answers you need, when you need them. Live chat, open user group, support tickets and more allow you to quickly get the results you’re looking for.

Let us handle the switch for you!

Switching can be boring and tedious, which is why you should have us do it for you. That way you can run your business and reap the rewards with Groundhogg at the same time.

Our team of migration experts are standing by to help you make the move. Say goodbye to monthly bills, hidden fees and bad support as you leave GetResponse and replace it with the bliss you deserve when you make the switch to the LAST CRM you’ll ever use.

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