Groundhogg vs HubSpot

A bloated & chaotic platform coupled with poor customer service can hold a company back from realizing their full potential. Eliminate both by switching to Groundhogg.

Marketing Automation

Our Funnel Builder provides an easy and flexible framework to design the flow you want potential customers to go through. All settings are on a signal screen and you can simply scroll through the various funnel steps to modify your funnel. 

Sales Automation

Use our sales pipeline extension to move customers through your pipeline one step at a time. Use our pipeline funnel integration to launch campaigns whenever a contact is moved between pipeline stages.

Addons Are Inexpensive and Charged Yearly

We don’t believe that in order for us to be successful that your credit card needs to suffer in the process. We keep our extension prices low, and deliver massive value in our free plugin. That way you can make your dream happen while being able to afford a vacation afterwards.

Let us handle the switch for you!

Switching can be boring and tedious, which is why you should have us do it for you. That way you can run your business and reap the rewards with Groundhogg at the same time.

Our team of migration experts are standing by to help you make the move. Say goodbye to monthly bills, price hikes, frustration, glitches and dissatisfaction as you leave HubSpot and replace it with the bliss you deserve when you make the switch to the LAST CRM you’ll ever use.

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