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Simplify, consolidate and automate your sales and marketing so you can save valuable time and get better results faster than ever before.

Groundhogg is the Best Choice for...

Agencies, Freelancers, E-Commerce, Small Businesses & More!

Email Marketing

Send personalized and highly targeted emails to your list in just a few minutes.

Marketing Automation

Create simple or complex sales funnels to guide your leads through your sales process.


Easily manage your contacts and collect the information you need through custom forms.

GDPR & CASL Compliant

Compliant will all recent privacy legislation in Canada and the European Union.

Tracking & Reports

View detailed reports about your email, funnel and contact activity to make informed decisions.


Developers and external applications can take advantage of an extensive REST API.

Developer Friendly

Designed with developers in mind, you can change or add anything to suit your needs.

Theme Agnostic

Will work with any theme automatically. Groundhogg is mostly a back-end tool and does not affect the appearance of your site.

Plugin Compatibility

Groundhogg plays nice with many other plugins and we'll fix any incompatibilities.

+ Seamless integration with over 25 plugins & services including...

The Path To Better Results Is Only 5 Steps Away!

2,000+ Businesses are using Groundhogg to design, deploy, and optimize their marketing funnels faster than they thought was possible, and you can join them! See how below...

1) Get started in just a few minutes...

Before Groundhogg, you typically would have to buy a CRM or Marketing automation tool, sometimes both, pay the monthly fees, and then try to figure out how to connect it to your WordPress site.  Then you would connect all your plugins before you could even start building an automation funnel.

But now, you simply install Groundhogg, choose the integrations and features you want, and start building your funnel right away.

2) Build your marketing funnel...

Before Groundhogg you had to spend days, maybe even weeks learning the nuances of how to build a high converting marketing funnel.

Now you just need to select one of our funnel templates that best suits your needs and modify it to suit your business to have your funnel ready to launch within minutes!

3) Optimize based on actionable insights.

Before Groundhogg you had to export CSV files, perform search queries, and struggle to get the data you needed to make informed decisions about your marketing and sales.

Now we bring the data to you in a variety of easy to read and understand reports that will help you determine where more effort and optimization is needed.

4) Get to know your customers better.

Learn about your customers and what their interests, where they live, what they read and what they do through segmentation and data collection. Collect an unlimited amount of data and use tags to specify interests.

This data will allow you to develop content and products that speak directly your customers interests.

5) Create relevant and personalized content.

One size most definitely does not fit all! Now that you know more about your customers you can designed and create personalized emails and pages on your site that guide your customer through their personalized customer journey.

By speaking directly to who your customer is, they will be more likely to become a customer and refer others as well. 

Ready To Launch Your Marketing Funnel?
Join 2,000+ businesses and launch your marketing funnel!

How can your business benefit?

It's easy to see the value when you know what to look for!

Marketing Agencies

…use Groundhogg for their client projects because we save them both time and money.

Content Creators

…use Groundhogg to build their lists and promote new content when it becomes available.

Business Owners

…use Groundhogg to manage their sales and collect payments from customers.


…use Groundhogg to help get projects done faster so they can take on more clients.

We use Groundhogg to build our own marketing funnels.

Our team use to be a digital marketing agency using dozens of different SaaS products for just a single client to fulfill their marketing strategy. The setup process was complicated and cumbersome. Eventually, we became fed-up with the poor user experience of trying to connect dozens of different SaaS products.

We resolved to make building marketing funnels easier by incorporating the entire funnel building process into WordPress.

Today, we are helping more than 700 businesses ditch their expensive and under-performing SaaS tools and launching their funnels with Groundhogg!

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Ready To Launch Your Marketing Funnel?
Join 2,000+ businesses and launch your marketing funnel!
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