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Groundhogg is at Collision Conference May 21 - 23, Toronto

Find the Groundhogg team at Collision.  Adrian (CEO) will be representing Groundhogg in the PITCH competition Tuesday May 21 at 3:15pm.  Will we see you there to support the home team?

Groundhogg is exhibiting at the ALPHA Startup Exhibition: Day 3, Thursday May 23, Stand #A-114. ALPHA Industry Category: Advertising, content & marketing.

Investors: Listen to the Pitch

Investors: Listen to the Pitch

A Letter From Adrian

May 16, 2019

Groundhogg is the newest solution to a growing industry problem.

The technology that the marketing and CRM industry is putting out is advancing faster than the people who use it.

I’ve been a partner for several CRMs in the past, and you almost need a degree in computer engineering to decipher what you are supposed to do with them.

It is NOT obvious.

This means that Roger and his gym need to spend hours, even days learning how to use new tools almost monthly to run his business.

Catch 22, while if he learned these tools there is no doubt that the reward would be worth it, but if he spent the time to learn he would be neglecting his business and it might get pulled out from under him.

So what ends up happening is Roger pays for several services and tries to make them work for him on weeknights and during lunch hours. All while he’s paying monthly donations to the services before inevitably giving up because it has cost him too much money with little or no return.

Roger’s situation is one that I’ve seen time and time again. But it doesn’t have to be this way for people like him.

Many business, both small and enterprise, use WordPress for their websites. If we were able to use their pre-existing knowledge of WordPress and transfer that to using our tools, we could decrease the learning curve and drastically reduce the time to deploy. Therefore, allowing more businesses to improve their results and decrease churn.

So that’s exactly what we’ve gone and done.

We at Groundhogg built tools that simplify, consolidate and automate marketing and sales within the WordPress platform.

We’ve taken the best digital marketing and sales tools that exist in SaaS form, from Sales Pipelines to Social proof, and turned them into simple installable plugins that can be inserted into any organization’s WordPress website.

What may have taken signing up for 6 services and a 3 month set up period with a digital marketing agency has now become a single purchase and a few hours of your time. A drastic improvement in savings of both time and money for the small business owner.

Our tools and products are all designed to be more cost-effective, convenient, and simple to use so that business owners and marketers can focus on working on their business, instead of in it.

We exist to help small businesses when others have failed them. We are here to empower even the smallest of organizations to create, promote and succeed. We are here to provide the solutions people want, not just what we think they want.

And most of all we are here to change the CRM and marketing industry forever.

-Adrian Tobey, CEO

Why Groundhogg?

Lean Operation

Due to the nature of our products, we have little to no distribution costs. All our content is self hosted by the customer and our only role is to maintain licenses and our store. Thus we can focus our finances on HR and product development without sacrificing infrastructure.

The 1st Of Its Kind!

While not the first marketing automation and CRM platform, we are the first and ONLY one built for WordPress that includes CRM, Email marketing, SMS, and Sales Pipeline Nativity.

Built In Audience

30% of the internet already uses WordPress, thus we have a built-in audience who can start using our product with minimal learning curve and setup time. Groundhogg is a true “One Click Install” from the WordPress repository.

Open Source

We move the open source world even further by providing all our tools in an open source format. This allows us to build a community based on trust and allows our community to extend Groundhogg and modify it to their own personal use, even allow businesses to be built on providing tools that make Groundhogg better.


We take our role in the lives of business people seriously. We know that software can sometimes make or break a company. We rise to the occasion every time and ensure no business gets left behind.

Concrete Goals

Our goal is to power 30% of sales and marketing automation. WooCommerce did it with Ecommerce, WordPress did it with Websites, we are going to do it with Marketing & Sales tools.

How Do We Make Money?

We are not reinventing the wheel, but instead adopting a proven business model in today’s digital economy.


We offer our flagship product for absolutely free. NO strings attached. No fees, limits or restrictions.

But while the free product is excellent, there are several situations where most business will need it to do more. We sell the products and tools that make up the shortfall – products which integrate other plugins or add on additional features to Groundhogg.

We also manage our own Email & SMS Service which is automatically recommended to new adopters.

See the Opportunity?

If you’re thinking that Groundhogg might be your next investment opportunity, apply below for our full investors info kit containing information about current efforts, financials and more. If you like what you see, we’ll setup a meeting.

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