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Marketing Automation For WordPress

Groundhogg is the FIRST standalone marketing automation suite for WordPress which requires no other service to operate and can be fully utilized within your WordPress admin.

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Breaking down the price barrier.

We believe companies of all sizes should have access to state of the art marketing tools that help grow their businesses, regardless of their marketing budget. That’s why we are making marketing automation tools free and open source so businesses can create converting campaigns  quickly and easily and without breaking their piggy bank.

Making launch simple.

Many of the marketing automation solutions provide thousands of features and a million ways to implement the same thing. As marketers, we’ve seen these complex feature sets make it too difficult for companies to launch their marketing campaigns. We are removing it ALL and providing a set of simple, core features that will be easy to implement and easy to understand so that you won’t need a developer to decipher what should be a simple task.

Community friendly.

We are going to foster a subsection of the WordPress community made up of users, developers, and marketers to help each other accomplish amazing things. Community involvement will be free and friendly, plus the Groundhogg developer and support team will be mandatory members in order to speak directly with users and meet their needs.

For & accountable of the people.

We see this biggest issue when it comes to SAAS marketing platforms as their attention to their own customer base. Too many times do companies think they “know better” when their users are telling them what their next steps should be. As an open source project and run by an accountable development/marketing team we are going to make sure that users’ needs are heard FIRST and features implemented that users’ actually want and need.

Your data, your software.

Groundhogg will be distributed as a GPL licensed software. This means it is essentially yours for all intents and purposes. All the data is yours and all the code is yours. There will be no required monthly credit card renewal to keep your data, all data will be stored on your site under your own supervision. You will not be accountable to any 3rd party service, the responsibility of your own success will be up to you, and will not depend on the reliability of a third party.

Free training & support.

To be in line with our belief everyone should have access to marketing tools to help grow their business regardless of cost we are extending that to marketing education . Unlike other companies which give you software and don’t tell you how to use it and leave the strategies up to you, we’re investing in a suite of videos training on how to use our platform as well as strategies to make the platform product actual monetary results. 

Big results come standard.

Groundhogg will be distributed with a suite of pre-installed campaigns and emails that only require you edit relevant information to get you off the ground sooner rather than later. These campaigns & funnels have been tested and created by actual digital marketers employed or contracted by Groundhogg.

Connecting The Dots.

In order to fund this project, we’ll be selling extensions that will allow you to create automation based on your favorite platforms like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, Zapier, and more. But to keep inline with our belief that everyone deserves access to the same tools we’ll be making these extensions very affordable.

Screenshots (Work In Progress).

Here is what the funnel builder will look like to create automation! You will be able to drag in elements from the right and edit them in a waterfall style layout. Contacts will move from top to bottom as automation runs.

Here is the same funnel in reporting mode.

A drag an drop HTML email editor will allow you to create emails quickly and easily.

Use Superlinks to easily run automation whenever a contact clicks it. Superlinks will be available on pages, and in emails.

Use tags to keep contacts organized, run and stop automation, and as a list segmentation tool.

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