What's new in Groundhogg version 2.0?

What's new in version 2.0?

Future proofing the best open source marketing automation tool for WordPress.

Funnel Builder V2

  • New And Improved Funnel Editing Experience
  • Add contacts manually to funnels
  • Distraction Free mode
  • Improved Funnel Reporting

Email Builder V2

  • Simplified Email Editing UI
  • Edit Alternate Body text directly for improved deliverability
  • Direct “send as broadcast” link
  • Utilizes the builtin WP text editor for an improved editing experience
  • Improved cross platform compatibility for all email blocks
  • Replacement code popup inserts into any content area.
  • Distraction free mode!

Improved Dashboard

  • Updated Visuals for a better experience
  • Improved report load time for larger list sizes
  • Better back-end reporting architecture for developers.

Updated Contact Screen

  • Auto scrape contact profile image from Gmail and Gravatar
  • All form submissions now saved in the Activity tab
  • See main contact information at the top of the screen at all times.

Fully Managed Preferences Center

  • Contacts will be able to update their basic information
  • Manage their email preferences
  • Download their profile (GDPR compliant)
  • Erase their profile (GDPR compliant)
  • No extra setup/pages required.
  • No setup or input required by you.

Improved Optin Forms

  • Optin Forms will now be able to be embedded anywhere via HTML code
  • Now support AJAX submissions
  • Improved JavaScript code when embedding via JS. 

New Extensions and Integrations!

Additional Improvements And Goodies

Sometimes the coolest stuff is under the hood.

Updated Rest API

The Rest API has been updated to provide better responses and easier authentication. It is also cache-able and is used through the core.

Improved Tracking Links

Tracking links have been improved to provide a better experience for the end user.

Improved File System Security

File protection for the contact file box has been beefed up so your personal files are always protected.

Better Scalability

The Databases have been optimized to provide better scalability as your business grows.

Developer Happiness!

New standardized extension templates, class autoloading, namespacing, and abstract classes allow developers to create their own extensions faster.

Extension Improvements

Our entire plugin library has been updated to improve site performance across the board and provide a better user experience for you.

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