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Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. Unfortunately we cannot accept everyone into the program. The partner program will re-open in 2020. Click "Become a Partner" to put yourself on the wait-list!

Attention Marketers, Consultants & WordPress Aficionados!

Do you have a love for WordPress, marketing, and an urge to help businesses around the world reach their maximum potential?

We are seeking a select group of enthusiastic marketers, consultants, and WordPress experts to become the first Groundhogg Certified Partners.

Get Trained, Get Certified, Get Results!

What is a Certified Partner?

A certified partner is an expert at implementing advanced marketing automation using the amazing Groundhogg CRM system.

Many businesses do not have time to learn marketing, CRM automation or even WordPress.  So they hire experts and agencies to do the word for them

That’s where you come in. At Groundhogg our goal is to offer businesses the opportunity to hire a certified, trusted and trained expert, so they get the results they’re looking for and an excellent customer experience.

How To Get Started!

1 Learn Fast

Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace and get up and running in no time.

2 Work Smart

Use the most efficient digital marketing strategies to achieve your goals.

3 Scale Up

Help others business grow using Groundhogg and in turn, grow your own business.

What Do I Do as a Partner?

Your role as a partner will to be assist businesses with their marketing automation.

Groundhogg offers a ton of value for startups, non profits, mom and pop shops, SME’s and anyone using WordPress as their preferred content management system. In most cases, these companies will not know how extract maximum sales from their websites.

Through proper training and implementation experience, you will learn how you can help these businesses succeed use our amazing suite of marketing tools.

What's in it for Me?

You will receive expert online training and become a “Cerified Partner” which means that you will be able to use your skills to gain new clients.

You will also receive client referrals directly from Groundhogg! If you’re looking to start or grow your agency you can use this opportunity fill up your roster of clients.

Build your agency reputation by becoming the premier Groundhogg Certified Partner in your region.

1 Learn Online

Complete our 10-part online course to learn advanced Groundhogg CRM skills.

2 Participate

Attend monthly “Office Hours” to ask questions and get answers that will help you help others.

3 Earn

Sell Groundhogg and earn  up to 30% commission and sell your own products in our online marketplace.

The Course

1 Why Groundhogg?

What sets Groundhogg apart from other CRM solutions? Why will you and your clients love Groundhogg and how it will make your lives easier?

2 Product Overview

Groundhogg is more than just a plugin, we are a suite of tools that help you succeed. Learn about initiatives that help you grow your business.

3 Strategies for Success

It’s all well and good to jump in to the software right away, but let’s take a step back and learn some strategies that will make implementation 10 times quicker and save hours of frustration.

4 Initial Setup

We’ll show you the steps to getting Groundhogg up and running using an example business. , Learn about the Groundhogg sending service and adding additional tools you will need.

5 The Funnel Builder

We’ll dive into the funnel builder, the heart and soul of Groundhogg. Learn how to properly configure a successful marketing automation funnel form the ground up.

6 The Email Builder

Learn how to create emails using our drag and drop email builder while at the same time, gaining some new copywriting skills.

7 The CRM & Dashboard

Learn how to effectively use Groundhogg’s built-in CRM system to learn more about your contacts and make decisions based on reporting.

8 Selling On Groundhogg

As a partner you can learn how to sell your funnels, emails, or extensions in our marketplace. Learn how to create and manage your listing!

9 Selling Groundhogg

As a partner you can sell Groundhogg to your clients. Learn valuable tips for effective selling and how to make up to 30% commission on sales.

10 Wrapping Up & Final Thoughts.

Recap everything we’ve learned and next steps on how to move forward with your new certification.

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