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We help small business simplify, consolidate and automate all their sales and marketing within WordPress, allowing business to turn their website into their business center.

We believe that all business, regardless of size, location, or budget, deserve equal access to sales and marketing tools which will help them grow their business.

We’d be pleased to answer any questions you have about Groundhogg, or about any of our products. Drop us a line at 416-444-7767 or sign up to receive news updates.

Public Speaking

Interested in having our founder Adrian Tobey speak at your event? Adrian is knowledgeable on a variety topics including email marketing, page design, user experience, WordPress, WordPress plugin design, running an agency and more.

Below you can watch 2 of Adrian’s events at WordCamp Toronto.

WordCamp Toronto 2017

Founder and lead Developer Adrian Tobey speaks about how to better promote and sell your WordPress plugins following the release of FormLift, a form builder for Infusionsoft.

WordCamp Toronto 2018

Founder and lead Developer Adrian Tobey speaks about how to prepare your WordPress plugins, sites, and themes for the battle between SAAS and Open Source.

Interviews & Podcasts

Adrian and staff are available for interviews for podcasts, YouTube videos, shows and more. Adrian & the crew can discuss the Groundhogg plugin, digital marketing, product design and a wide range of related topics. See below for examples of what we’ve been a part of.

Featured on WP Plugins A-Z Podcast

Adrian speaks with John Overall about what Groundhogg is doing to help business using WordPress cut their marketing costs down dramatically and provide better service. (Original)

Featured on WPBuilds Podcast

Founder and lead Developer Adrian Tobey speaks with Nathan Wrigley about how Groundhogg is revolutionizing the 18 Billion dollar email marketing industry.

Listen Now!

Featured on WP Tonic Podcast

Adrian speaks with Johnathan Denwood about how to use sales and marketing automation effectively in 2019 using WordPress.

Listen Now!

Featured on Lifter LMS Podcast

Adrian and Chris talk about how you can supercharge your courses by using marketing automation to keep students coming back for more and decrease course abandonment.

Coming Soon.

Product Demos and Interviews

Demo 1 on 1 Interview

Adrian answers some questions about Groundhogg and how is drastically simplifies life for businesses using WordPress.

Groundhogg Walkthrough

Adrian walks us through what Groundhogg is all about, and how you can implement it for you business.

The Facts

Groundhogg’s mission is to offer 1 billion WordPress Users comparable or better features as the top 10 SaaS CRM companies while cutting the costs of software, licensing and implementation dramatically. With Groundhogg you can create awesome automation and user experiences without ever leaving WordPress.

Company Name: Groundhogg Inc.
Founded: November 2018
Founder & CEO: Adrian L. Tobey
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Status: Privately held and independent, in later-stage growth phase.

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