New pricing and updates planned for November 1st.

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  • We are discontinuing the Groundhogg Sending Service and are partnering with SendWP.
  • We are moving several minority features out of the free plugin and into premium extensions.
  • You can retain access to these features without upgrading to a paid plan by requesting to be grandfathered.
  • We are no longer selling the All Access Pass in favor of Basic, Plus and Pro Plans.

Groundhogg will experience its first major pricing model shift since it’s inception in August 2018 this coming November. Our focus is to provide more value to customers by simplifying the customer journey and providing more incentive for users to upgrade to a premium subscription.

We plan to accomplish this by first removing bloat and minority features (features which only benefit a minority of users) from the free plugin and moving them to premium extensions.

We also plan on sun-setting the All Access Pass and replacing it with a more modernized pricing model.

But first…

Goodbye Sending Service…

Our first major course of action is discontinuing the Groundhogg Sending Service effective January 2020. Our attempt to make email more simple proved the opposite and made it more difficult. At the end of the day users have opted to go with other solutions such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun or other larger senders.

So instead of continuing to pour resources into it we’ve partnered with SendWP! SendWP is a WordPress focused email delivery tool that gets your email to the inbox. We are happy to offload the email delivery to them so that we can focus on what we do best, making stellar WordPress plugins. SendWP is only $9/month and can send unlimited email.

If you are currently using the Groundhogg Sending Service fear not, you have until 2020 to choose an alternative solution and you will also be able to use any existing credits you’ve already purchased until then. We will not be selling any new credits however.

Simplifying the free version.

Several features which are currently being supported in the free version of Groundhogg on the WordPress repository are being moved to premium extensions.

These features are considered minority features, meaning they are only used by a handful of people and would make more sense as niche premium extensions.

We are creating the following premium extensions from those features.

Groundhogg Pro Features

Groundhogg Pro Features will be a new premium extension that will contain many of the features which are being removed from the free version. Including…

  • The drag and drop (advanced) email editor
  • Superlinks
  • Benchmarks: Field Changed, Login Status, Page Visited, Plugin API, Role Changed
  • Actions: Advanced Timer, Apply Owner, Create User, Date Timer, Edit Meta, Field Timer, Webhooks

This extension will essentially restore the majority of features being removed from the free version, and will act as a catch all for premium features which should be added, but do not deserve their own extension.

SMS Messaging Extension

The entirety of the SMS module and all SMS features are being moved to their own premium extension. This makes sense as the majority of Groundhogg users do not make use of the SMS tool and it just makes more sense as an individual extension since our primary focus at the end of the day is email.

Elementor Integration

The Elementor integration is also being moved to it’s own premium extension for the same reasons, and it makes sense as the Divi integration, as well as other form integrations also have their own extensions. We do no want to show favoritism towards Elementor.

Want to keep those features without upgrading?

If you are currently using Groundhogg and have not yet upgraded and do not wish to upgrade, you can request to be grandfathered and retain the above features. We will send you instructions on how to retain the features we are removing from the free plugin.

New pricing model

Important! If you have already purchased an All Access Pass or any other plan from us your plan is being grandfathered and your price will not change. I repeat, your price will not increase, decrease, change or be altered in any way shape or form. The changes below will affect new customers only.

Also! You have until November 1st to purchase an All Access Pass and lock in at that price for life!

We will be leaving our All Access Pricing packages behind in favor of a new pricing model.

The new pricing model will feature a Good, Better, Best approach popular within the WordPress community.

These new plans will introduce higher value in terms of the features included in the plan vs. the old way with the All Access Pass only increasing in value with the increase in sites which can be activated for that license.

Basic Plan — $20/month ($240/year)

The basic plan will include the following benefits and can be activated on one site.

  • Groundhogg Pro Features (new) — $99
  • SMTP — $39
  • Advanced Email Preferences — $39
  • Custom Replacements — $39
  • Form Styling — $39
  • Email Countdown Timers — $39
  • Premium Support — $99
  • Activated on 1 site

Total value of this package is $400+ giving a potential savings of ~$150.

Plus Plan — $30/month ($360/year)

The plus plan will include everything in the basic plan, can be activated on up to three sites and will feature the following benefits.

  • Everything in Basic — $400
  • All 10 form integrations — $590
  • Signed Contracts — $59
  • Birthdays — $59
  • Content Restriction — $59
  • Social Proof — $59
  • Lead Scoring — $79
  • Booking Calendar — $79
  • Sales Pipeline — $79
  • Activated on 3 sites

Total value of this package is $1500 giving a potential savings of ~$1100.

Pro Plan — $40/month ($480/year)

The pro plan will include everything from the previous plans, can be deployed on up to five sites and include the following.

  • Everything in Plus — $1500
  • AWS integration — $99
  • Twilio Integration — $79
  • Zapier Integration — $79
  • Woocommerce integration — $99
  • Easy Digital Downloads integration — $99
  • WP Simple Pay integration — $99
  • TutorLMS integration — $99
  • LearnDash integration — $99
  • eLearnCommerce integration — $99
  • LifterLMS integration — $99
  • Activated on 5 sites

Total value comes out to ~$2500 giving a potential savings of more than $2000.

Looking to the future

Our team has done a lot of professional development training recently including seeking advice from high profile WordPress community members and business owners.

We’ve taken their advice, learned from their mistakes and now we are taking swift action so that Groundhogg remains Top Hog in the Marketing Automation for WordPress niche.

You can look forward to other big changes, improvements and awesome updates in the future!

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Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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