Pricing Changes For Individual Extensions

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Effective September 16th, 2019 we will be introducing an updated pricing model for all of our individually sold extensions. We are making these changes to provide a more coherent user experience within our store as well as provide more purchase options for our customers.

At the moment, the pricing model for our extensions is nothing short of chaotic. Some extensions are $99 while some are $7, some have unlimited site options while others don’t. It’s all very confusing and we are starting to receive messages from confused clients basically asking, ‘what’s the deal?’

In order to improve the purchasing process, as well as provide more options to our customers, we will be standardizing pricing options across the board for all our individually sold extensions.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, here is what’s NOT happening.

  • No changes are being made to All Access Pass pricing
  • No changes are being made to Support pricing
  • No changes are being made to Groundhogg Sending Service pricing
  • No changes are being made to active subscriptions

So, what are the changes exactly?

Standardized pricing.

We are introducing a standardized, uniform pricing model across the board which will feature the following pricing options.

  • Single Site ($19-$99)
  • 2 – 5 Sites (+$60)
  • Unlimited Sites (+$100)

A single site license will range from a minimum of $19 to $99 dependent on the extension being purchased. The price will always end with a 9.

The 2 – 5 site license will be the base single site cost , plus $60.

The Unlimited site license will be the cost of the 2-5 site license, plus $100, or $160 more than the single site cost.

Value representative cost.

We felt that some of our extensions which provided a ton of value were being undervalued in our store. We’ve increased the price of some of our extensions so that the store price is more representative of the value it brings to your business.

Note, most of our extensions have not budged in price, only a select few have experienced an increase.

Subject to change.

We will be testing out this model for the next several months as we decide if this is the best way to proceed. All pricing is of course always subject to change as we narrow down the best way to provide the most value.

Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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