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We are excited to announce that we have just completed (mostly) our certified partner program!

This is a HUGE moment for us as we build strength, bring knowledge, and provide clarity to our growing community.

With a team of partners, we will be able to help so many around the world grow their businesses.

Farmer’s markets can go digital and create more demand, mom and pop shops can get more returning customers, failing brick and mortar stores can get a new lease on life and their storefront, traditional service businesses will be able to expand beyond their traditional sales practices…

By creating a network of experts who can implement, migrate, and answer critical questions about our products we are confident that those who have not been able to access quality digital marketing and sales tools will finally have the missing piece in their business puzzle.

Before Groundhogg, quality marketing and sales tools were inaccessible, convoluted, and expensive.

But that is no longer the case. Our partners will bring these tools to the forefront and finally provide small business with the tools they need to succeed in the quickly evolving marketplace.

If you want to be part of this movement then you can become a Groundhogg Certified Partner!

We will be opening registration on Thursday this week and will only be accepting 30 applications in the first round to ensure the quality of the program. But, these first 30 partners will get special benefits that may not be available applicants in later rounds…

So stay tuned for the start for the program on Thursday!

And for everyone who is currently part of our community, we are so grateful for you!

Without your contributions, support tickets, questions, and suggestions we would not be able to design this program or design our amazing products, so thank you!

Stay tuned as we seek World Domination 😉

Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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