Thinking of Migrating From Your Current CRM to Groundhogg?

Making the switch to Groundhogg can save you thousands of dollars every year in CRM fees. We can make your switch to Groundhogg painless by migrating all of your current CRM automation and contacts!

Need A Reason To Switch?

There are plenty of reasons to switch to Groundhogg, not the least of which is saving money.  Click on and read these compelling reasons…

Keep all your mission critical tasks, marketing, and contacts in the same place you mange your content, website, membership and e-commerce.

Don’t spend time logging into multiple platforms in six different tabs. Keep your business in one location so that you can spend more time growing it instead of finding it.

Groundhogg is built with developers and scalability in mind. We offer dozens of integrations with WordPress’ most popular Ecommerce, Form, and Email plugins.

If there’s something Groundhogg doesn’t do, or an extension that doesn’t do it you can call on our Dev Ops team to make it happen.

Groundhogg receives updates almost daily! Meaning it’s always up to date with the latest WordPress and major plugin changes.

If you find an incompatible plugin, we’ll fix it so that you’ll never have to choose between the two!

Groundhogg is an open source platform meaning: Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and make Groundhogg a better product. Our developer team is upfront about what will and will not be the priorities for future development.

Self hosting has many benefits over cloud hosting. Not only do you make yourself a smaller target, you can implement the security measures you need to ensure your data, and the data of your customers remains secure at all costs.

Implement your favorite WordPress security plugin, all of which are compatible with Groundhogg and gets started today.

Groundhogg is the platform for everyone! We’ve made it so whether you’re a novice or pro Groundhogg has an interface that suits all needs.

Our drag and drop experience and easy to navigate menu means that nothing worth finding is more than 2 clicks away.

Groundhogg is ready for seperate or GLOBAL multisite installation. That means you can use the same Groundhogg installation across multiple sites so your data truly stays global.

Other companies have developers and support reps.

Our company’s developers ARE the support reps.

That means when you have a question you’re talking directly to the people responsible for building the tool you’re using so that you can get a straight answer as quickly as possible.

Switching to Groundhogg will be your smartest decision of the year!

We’ll get your business up and running FAST! Making sure your WordPress install is ready to go and migrating your contacts, tags, lists, and funnels over to Groundhogg.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Common Questions About Migration

Migrating can be a scary prospect. But together we can make it an amazing adventure! See some of the most frequent questions asked by users who’ve switched to Groundhogg.

How long will my migration take?

We do our best to migrate your data as quickly as possible. The amount of data and integrations you have, plus the number of pending migrations we have will be a factor.

What if Groundhogg doesn’t do something that my current CRM does?

There will inevitably be differences between what Groundhogg’s capabilities are and your current CRM. Any differences noted during the migration will be documented and we will inform you of them upon completion of the migration along with steps to implement alternate solutions. Alternatively if the functionality is a must, you may consult our Dev Ops team which can build a custom extension for you to fill the gap.

Will all of my contacts be imported?

We will import any contacts which are “marketable.” Marketable contacts are contacts which have double opted in, or have been active within the last 120 days.

Is there anything you can’t or won’t migrate?

Anything that involves “custom” work will automatically be ineligible for migration. This includes any custom code, any custom integrations or anything with custom in front of it. For example any custom code you have on a web forms will not be included. Any custom scripts or APIs you have will also not be included.

We'll Migrate You From...

Price My Migration

Enter your estimate numbers below to see how much your migration might cost.

How Many Contacts Do You Have?

The number of marketable contacts that you have in your database you wish to transfer to Groundhogg.

How Many Tags Do You Need Switched?

The number of tags/lists/segmentations you want to have re-implemented in Groundhogg.

Do You Need Ecommerce?

If you are using a WordPress ecommerce plugin like Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads then check this box.

How Many Emails Do You Need Switched?

The number of email templates you want to have re-written in Groundhogg.

How Many Funnels Do You Need Switched?

The number of automations/funnels/campaigns/workflows you want to have rebuilt in Groundhogg.

Your Estimate Migration Cost


* Estimate may not reflect the true cost of migration.

NOTE: $500 is automatically included in the total as a base cost for migration.

The rest of the cost is a factor of the total number of items which need to be migrated and whether or not you require Ecommerce.

The true cost of migration may be more or less expensive depending on which extensions you may need to achieve the desired result.

Ready to Start?

Provide your information below to start the migration process. We’ll follow up with you by email and get this process rolling within the week!

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