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You can create content, send email to yourself, and play with the integrations to determine if Groundhogg is right for you.

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You will find our add-ons and integrations in the plugins area. Activate the ones you want to test.

You may have to provide you own license key to test third party integrations like LearnDash or Gravity Forms.

Build, Test, Deploy

Build funnels and emails, test them, and them export them when you are ready to deploy Groundhogg for your business.

Anything you build in your sandbox can be taken with you!

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We've moved all our clients from HubSpot to Groundhogg!

Kris Britton and his agency KAYBE started using Groundhogg and instantly fell in love. Since then they have either completely moved their clients to Groundhogg, or have used it to facilitate their marketing strategies for small businesses and enterprises alike!

Save $1,000s/yr by switching to Groundhogg!

Based on paying $200-$300/m for our leading competitor for 1 year

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