Video Tutorial: How to create conditional logic in Groundhogg without decision diamonds. (Advanced Level)

how to create conditional logic
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There has been a fair amount discussion lately on the Groundhogg User Group with regards to decision diamonds. If Groundhogg were to go down that route for a select few, it would seriously interrupt how Groundhogg was conceived and programmed.

Is there an alternative to decision diamonds in Groundhogg? Yes, most certainly. You can create complex logic using tags and tag benchmarks and split contacts off into separate funnels. This video looks at an Infusionsoft campaign and recreates the same logic in Groundhogg without decision diamonds. Please watch the video and discover just how versatile Groundhogg really is.

In the video I talk about campaign and tag naming conventions. This is critical to keeping your marketing automation organized. Here are the links to those videos:

GH Tutorials – Campaign Naming Conventions Part I
GH Tutorials – Tag Naming Conventions Part II

4 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How to create conditional logic in Groundhogg without decision diamonds. (Advanced Level)”

    1. It’s probably because you used the [confirmation_link_raw] replacement code instead of the default [confirmation_link]. However, I understand that Groundhogg just released an update that included support for both. Update GH and you should be good to go.

  1. What video are you referencing with Tag naming conventions please? I searched and did not find one. As I see I sincerely want to start now rather than waiting until its a mess in here

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