Groundhogg vs ConvertKit

Might as well Convert to Groundhogg and save yourself both time and money after failing to get your value from ConvertKit.

SMS Marketing

Drag and drop SMS text messaging setup.  Easy to setup and customize for whatever customer communication is important to your business. Program up to 140 characters with merge fields to create a meaningful customer experience.

Marketing Templates

Groundhogg provides a standard suite of pre-built Marketing templates that you can install with a single click. That way you never have to guess what will work, you can use something that is already does!

With new templates being added to the marketplace all the time, you’ll never run out of good marketing ideas.

Pay the price as you grow...

ConvertKit definitely provides some great value, but as you grow, so will your bills. Since their pricing is based on the number of contacts you have, it will only take 7,500 contacts to get into the “Custom Pricing” range. Sounds expensive… Why pay for whats free? We will never penalize you for growing you business and providing value to your customers.

Let us handle the switch for you!

Switching can often be  tedious and time consuming, which is why you should think about having us have us do it for you. That way you can take care of your business while we get Groundhogg up and running faster than you think possible.

Our team of migration experts are standing by to help you make the move. Say goodbye to monthly bills and confusing tech as you leave ConvertKit and replace it with the bliss you deserve when you make the switch to the LAST CRM you’ll ever use.

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