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Simplify, Consolidate & Automate your Sales & Marketing.

For automating followup, collecting new leads, sending HTML emails, managing sales and more! We provide you with the stellar digital marketing & sales tools you need to succeed with WordPress.


Cut Costs, Not Features with the 1st Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress.

The Free WordPress Powered Alternative

to Expensive Cloud Based Email Marketing CRMs.

Marketing Automation is one of the least accessible aspects of the business experience. Marketing Automation platforms are expensive, difficult to use, and often you have little to no control over their reliability.

CRMs and marketing platforms always seem to be developed with other developers in mind. Sometimes it feels like you need to have a PHD in computer science just to send an email or something else super simple…

That’s why we built Groundhogg. Because in 2018, marketing should be Easy, Hassle Free and it should Work As Expected!

Our gift to you! A totally free, extendable and open source Marketing Automation suite with the features you need without any of the fluff you don’t.

Built for the Busy Business Owner

Because you've got better things to do then muck about with technology.


Instant reporting so you can get the down low on what’s working and what isn’t. That way you can make split second decisions that could be the difference between red and black.


Use our drag and drop editor to create HTML emails or edit emails in plain html so that you can send beautiful emails every time. You can send emails from the contact owner or any admin, marketer or sales manager user.


Turn on live reporting to see how your funnel is doing in real-time. identify gaps and leaks so that you can create more sales with less effort.


All your contacts in one place. Find relevant information in seconds, quickly send one of emails and manage opt in statuses. Keep track of where contacts are coming from and what they’re looking at.


Drag and drop your funnel steps into any order and create a fully automated funnel that will communicate with and nurture you contacts until they’re ready to make the big decision.


Don’t get bogged down or confused by thousands of settings. We keep it simple by only requiring the most basic of information and we take care of the rest.

Just the Good Stuff, Not the Fluff

We give you tons of features that you can actually use!

Our competitors sell you with fancy shmancy tools with crazy complex names that sound super cool when you first hear them… but then you try to use them and it’s a whole different story.

We’re not like that. We’ll give you the tools you need to get the job done. Tools that have plain simple names. Tools that make common sense so you don’t have to spend the time to figure out that “multi-dimensional” just means “lot’s of bugs.”

When you’re up against a deadline and you need to get the work done before the end of the day, our handy marketing tools are just a couple of clicks away.

Write HTML Emails Quickly

Our drag and drop email editor allows you to write pretty HTML mobile responsive emails in minutes.

You can use a variety of replacement codes to merge in crucial customer information.

Or if you prefer hard-coding HTML yourself, edit email in plain HTML instead by switching to the code editor view.

Triggers & Actions for Any Scenario

If you have a vision in your head, then we can make that vision happen!

Our extensive list of triggers and actions allows you to map out the ultimate customer experience in our drag and drop funnel builder.

Whether it’s a welcome series, a cart abandonment campaign, or a simple auto-responder, we have the tools that allow you to make your vision a reality

Templates For Faster Implementation

Not a pro digital marketer or just not tech savvy? Not a problem. Groundhogg comes with a set of ready to go templates plus an easy way to export and import funnels.

So if we don’t provide the template you’re looking for, you can find someone else who does and easily share it.

Simple & Scalable Form Builder

Use our shortcode powered form builder to create lead capture forms in seconds.

Our forms have no field limit and support rows, columns, Re-Captcha, and any other fields you could want.

Choose the thank you page to send users once they’ve submitted and start collecting leads instantly.

SMS Messaging For Instant Communication

For when you need to be sure your message makes it to the right place use our SMS feature to quickly notify your contacts of your message.

Our SMS feature makes use of the Groundhogg Sending Service credit system. When you sign up your first 1000 credits are on us!


Segment Contacts With Tags

Use tags to dynamically segment your contacts into lists for easy exporting, deleting and broadcasting.

Create an unlimited number of tags and apply any number of tags to a contact.

Tags are easy to create on the go in anywhere the tag picker is displayed.

Not To Mention...

  • Pre-Scheduled Broadcasts
  • Use round robins to distribute leads between sales
  • Create Superlinks that apply tags in one click
  • Import and Export your funnels between WP Sites
  • SMS Messaging integration comes standard
  • Segment contacts with tags
  • Use your SMTP of choice
  • Connect to all of your favorite WP plugins
  • Code emails in plain HTML or use our editor
  • Extensive extension library to connect you to hundreds of other WordPress plugins
  • Open Marketplace so you can promote your own funnels

Get The Best of One World

Because let's face it, managing two worlds is hard...

Groundhogg requires NO outside cloud service. It requires NO additional extensions. It requires NO advanced setup outside (or inside) of WordPress.

Groundhogg truly keeps all your data and your automation inside your WordPress website so you only have to manage your one world. Your WordPress world.

Because our mission is to turn WordPress into the all inclusive and interactive marketing experience you deserve, we’ve built the tools to meld Groundhogg with all your favorite WordPress plugins.

Ready To Get Started?

Groundhogg is always free! Download now by clicking the "download now" button. Or supercharge Groundhogg with some of our amazing extensions.


Packed With Functionality Beyond Your Dreams
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Emails Per Month *
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advanced Marketing Automation
  • Drag And Drop Funnel Builder
  • WordPress Triggers
  • SMS Messaging **
  • Funnel Sharing
  • Import Export Funnels
  • Custom SMTP Support
  • Responsive Form Builder
  • Funnel Activity Reporting
  • Broadcast Reporting
  • Lead Source Tracking
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Tag & List Segmentation
  • Professional Email Templates
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Rest API
  • Open Source
  • Import/Export Emails
  • Import/Export Funnels
  • Bulk Import And Manage Contacts


Get More Functionality Than Ever Before
$7 - $97
  • Zapier Webhooks
  • Woocommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • WP Simple Pay
  • WP Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Forminator
  • Ninja Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Contract Signing
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • Social Proof Popup
  • Email Countdown Timers


Every Extension With 1 License
  • Every Extension In Our Library
  • All Future Extensions
  • 1 Single License Key
  • 10,000 Bonus Email/SMS credits
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Support For All Services

Open Source Means Better Software

And Also means you can make Groundhogg work your way!

We chose to make Groundhogg an open source plugin because we strongly believe that quality products come as a result community contribution and involvement. Not overpaid and stressed out developers.

As a software “for the people” you are more than welcome to contribute in any way you feel. Request new features, create a pull request, point out bugs and more!

WordPress Verified!

We've been around a while, and we plan to be around a while longer.

This isn’t our first Rodeo. We’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to WordPress. This isn’t even our first WordPress plugin!

If you looking for credentials, feel free to check out our WordPress history…

Officially listed on

Groundhogg has been officially listed on the plugins repository.

Feel free to check out the official Repo page for support requests, reviews and stats.

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