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We believe that every business, regardless of location, language or budget deserves access to high quality sales and marketing tools that can help them grow their business.

Groundhogg's Story...

We believe that CRM & Marketing Automation should be easy an accessible. But the vast majority of SaaS products which are available for small businesses are not.

Too often they are too expensive, convoluted, clunky, confusing, and well beyond the grasp of a new business owner or inexperienced marketer.

So we vowed to create the ultimate suite of digital marketing and sales tools for businesses using WordPress. 

Since 2018 we have been creating high quality digital marketing and sales tools which you can install right on your WordPress website.

Our Founder, Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg.

After being an Infusionsoft certified partner for over 3 years he thought that there had to be an easier way for people to share their ideas by email.

In August of 2018, he started building a plugin that would redefine marketing automation for the WordPress community by providing a service comparable to HubSpot, Active Campaign, Mailchimp and Infusionsoft right from the WordPress dashboard.

Our Core Values

Add value to people’s lives.

A company that does not add value to peoples’ lives is not a company, it is a vanity project. And I’ve seen a great number of vanity projects in the last few years, especially in the marketing space. Every day when I wake up I’m thinking, “how are we going to help people today.” Because if you help enough people get what they want, you can have what you want.

Obsess about the customer experience.

If a customer is not successful with our products, it’s on us. Everything we do should make the experience of using our tools easier, not more difficult. We have recently started working with a UI/UX designer for the express purpose of bringing this core value to life.

Sweat the details.

Something I personally struggle with every day. I’m usually a “good enough,” kind of guy, but that’s not always good enough. When thousands are relying on us, we can’t afford to drop the ball. We must tear everything apart and put it back together to make sure that the products we ship are the best versions of those products. This also extends beyond code, it encapsulates replying to messages, meeting deadlines, writing documentation, following up with customers, and more.

Honor our commitments.

If we make a commitment internally to meet a deadline or to help a client with a problem, you can be sure that we’re going to go to the mat to honor that commitment. If life gets in the way, which sometimes it does, then an equal if not superior alternative will be honored in its place.

Elevate others.

Sometimes our ego gets in the way of an opportunity to help someone become better. Competition is an inherent human trait, and when we see someone who is not as developed as ourselves in a certain way we can often choose to let them know we are superior, rather than bring them up to our own level. We must strive to always choose to bring them up to our own level rather than make ourselves feel superior.

Take responsibility & make no excuses.

Taking responsibility means owning your own projects, and seeing them through to completion. It means accepting risk and doubling down when the going gets tough. We must all be a part of the collective force that drives innovation and change. And when things work out we must own what we need to improve, what we learned, and what we’ll do differently next time rather than assign blame and stay the same.

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