Recover More Carts, Convert More Leads, And Sell More Downloads with Groundhogg.

Are you selling digital downloads or WordPress plugins with Easy Digital Downloads? We, Groundhogg, use Easy Digital Downloads ourselves and love it, so we created the ultimate integration with Groundhogg.

Groundhogg is a complete CRM solution and it's the best possible CRM for integrating with WordPress!

After spending years with MailChimp and Active Campaign, I finally realized that it is nearly impossible to perfectly sync your customer data to from Easy Digital Downloads to an external CRM. Trying to email a segment of people who have a specific price plan? You can never have confidence that the right people are getting the email with traditional systems. Groundhogg makes it completely effortless. If you're worried about running your own CRM - don't be. Groundhogg is a painless and has great support.

How can Groundhogg help me sell more with Easy Digital Downloads?

Groundhogg's CRM & Marketing Automation tools will help you stay in front of your customers!


Use Groundhogg to Recover Abandoned Carts!

It’s estimated that 68% of all carts are abandoned. But that no longer has to be an issue!

Quickly set up a cart recovery funnel in minutes and create a seamless customer experience that allows customers to recover their cart on any device through email or SMS!


Convert More Leads into Customers!

Nurture potential customers over time and incentivise purchases with expiring auto generated discounts. Keep track of their activity and identify gaps in your sales funnel.

Ready To Get Results From Your CRM?
Join the thousands of businesses that made the switch to Groundhogg!


Automatically Upsell License & Subscription Upgrades To Existing Customers!

Use automated emails to promote upgrades and other products to your customers who purchase specific downloads. 

Customers won’t have to go to the license upgrades page (which is not easy to find in the EDD profile) and will instead be taken straight to the checkout page with the upgrade in their cart!


Integrating Groundhogg with Easy Digital Downloads was a breeze!

Groundhogg was incredibly easy to integrate with my EDD storefront. In minutes I had powerful funnels to thank customers for their purchases, seamless broadcasts to update them on new features and rock-solid automations to keep my work day moving."Colin Longworth, CEO of


Easily Identify Which Funnels & Emails Are Producing The Best Results In Seconds!

Ever wonder where a sale came from? Wonder no more! Each sale is tracked and associated with a relevant funnel and an email so you can see which strategies are performing and which ones need improvement!

You might be surprised to see emails and funnels that aren’t directly related to sales are causing customers to buy!


Quickly Segment And Search Your Easy Digital Downloads Customers

The regular EDD customer search is not great. With Groundhogg all your customers are also contacts, so you can view previous purchase history right from the contact record and use the superior contact search feature! 

You can also sort and filter by purchase history, total customer value, active subscriptions and more.

All Easy Digital Downloads Integration Features

Here's what's helping us and 100s of other stores maximize sales!

Customizable and developer friendly

Designed with developers in mind, you can create custom integrations with Groundhogg to mold to any customer journey you want to deploy.

Improved contact record

The lifecycle of a customer at a glance. See EDD info, and info from all your other installed plugins all in one place.

Enhanced Email and Funnel Reporting

See which funnels and emails are making the most money, and which ones aren’t making enough!

Better Automation Based on EDD Events

Design any customer journey you want surrounding events in EDD like new payment, subscription renewal, order refunded, and more!

customer search and segmentation

Never struggle to search for a customer again. Groundhogg’s superior search will enable you to find the right custom record in seconds.

Cart recovery & personalization

Personalize emails and recover more carts with automation and create a more customer-friendly experience.

What else can I do?

And you can also...

Why should I use Groundhogg instead of another CRM?

You can connect Easy Digital Downloads to other CRMs, but it requires paying for WPFusion or Zapier for the same level of connectivity that we include in our PRO plan.

Flat rate pricing no matter how big your list is.

  • 500 $50/m
  • 1,000 $50/m
  • 5,000 $50/m
  • 10,000 $50/m
  • 25,000 $50/m

Other platforms charge you a "success tax," we don't.

Save 1,000s per year when you choose Groundhogg for your WordPress site!

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $1,390/m
  • 1,000 $1,390/m
  • 5,000 $1,640/m
  • 10,000 $1,890/m
  • 25,000 $2,615/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $482/m
  • 1,000 $482/m
  • 5,000 $557/m
  • 10,000 $719/m
  • 25,000 $981/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $249/m
  • 1,000 $249/m
  • 5,000 $319/m
  • 10,000 $449/m
  • 25,000 $599/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $50/m
  • 1,000 $50/m
  • 5,000 $93/m
  • 10,000 $140/m
  • 25,000 $233/m

The above prices are calculated in USD based on the “most popular” monthly plan stated by the platform on
their pricing page, or the plan with the closest equivalent feature set. Prices were last updated in March 2023.

Free training to help you get started with Grondhogg & EDD ASAP!

Other CRMs will leave you to your own devices to design strategies that will effectively improve your Easy Digital Downloads performance. Not us! Take our Free Easy Digital Downloads Essentials training to create highly effective funnels for your store.


Essential funnel strategies proven to improve store performance.

There is no guesswork when it comes to designing effective funnels that will improve Easy Digital Downloads’ performance. We know what works and we’ll show you how to do it!

Our free Easy Digital Downloads Essentials course will show you how to:

✅ Launch a cart recovery funnel
✅ Create leads on auto-pilot
✅ Identify high-value customers
✅ And more!

You can even register before becoming a customer! So click the button below to register now!

Ready To Get Results From Your CRM?
Join the thousands of businesses that made the switch to Groundhogg!
Seamless integration with over 25 plugins & services including...

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