Nonprofits can finally leverage their data to collect more donations with Groundhogg and GiveWP!

Are you a nonprofit? Groundhogg’s new integration with GiveWP will enable you to leverage your data with CRM and marketing automation in ways that will encourage donations growth and enable you to help more people in need.

Why do nonprofits need CRM/DRM?

Frankly, every organization needs CRM/DRM (customer/donor relationship management), but it is especially true for nonprofits because of how much data is accessible to you to leverage.

DRM is all about knowing your donors and using that information to predict or encourage donation habits.

For example, let’s say that you need to find your top 10 donors to invite them to an event, or perhaps you are seeking emergency funds and your top donors are most likely the ones who’d be willing to give more? How do you find them?

Without DRM, you may be spending lots of time looking through transaction logs, or maybe you’ll just be making your best guess. But with DRM you can simply search for your database and filter by the top spending donors in a few seconds.

Why do nonprofits need marketing automation?

So now that you know who your top donors are we want to encourage them to give more. But how?

You should 100% be picking up the phone and calling them, top donors deserve that. But what about after? If they say, “let me think about it,” do you just hang up and move on without taking more action?

Of course not. With marketing automation, you can stick them into a short email nurture funnel that will remind them every few days about your conversation and your need for funds, with a prompt call to action to give you a call, or a link to a donation form.

That’s just one example…

Why GiveWP?

GiveWP is WordPress’ leading donations plugin, it’s like setting up a GoFundMe right on your WordPress site for your nonprofit.

You can create a donation form in seconds and receive donation payments almost instantly to your bank account. Services like GoFundMe have payment thresholds, not so with GiveWP!

It will keep track of all incoming donations and create new donor records so that you can see donation history, and more…

  • Build custom donation forms in your WordPress admin
  • Use the multi-step donation form template or GiveWP legacy forms
  • GiveWP inherits your themes styles so it integrates seamlessly out of the box
  • Add goals, multiple giving amounts, custom amounts, terms and conditions and more with just a couple clicks
  • Get a complete overview of your donation activity
  • Control your data with exports and reports
  • Filter reports by date, form, and payment method.
  • Measure performance across multiple campaigns.

The list goes on…

Why you need Groundhogg!

GiveWP does a lot, but not everything. Groundhogg comes in to fulfill the DRM and marketing automation role in your marketing suite.

With Groundhogg you can search your contacts and donor database, filter by donation amounts and the number of donations, and then sort by those amounts to give you a list of your top donors or your, “on the fence,” donors. This kind of searching and filtering is not available in GiveWP.

You also want Groundhogg to be able to send followup emails and reminders whenever somone makes a donation!

How powerful would it be to send a reminder email to your entire donor list every month after their first donation to continue pledging support? How would that increase your monthly donations? You can do that with Groundhogg!

Simply setup a funnel with the New Donation benchmark and send an email after 1 month from their first donation date until they donate again!

Or maybe you have a list of email addresses that haven’t donated yet and you want to convert them, and stop sending emails once they’ve converted, you can do that as well!

There are plenty of strategies you can deploy to increase the amount you raise each month!

Are you leveraging your list?

There’s so many ways for a nonprofit to leverage the data they already have access to, all you need are the tools to do it! Groundhogg is your all-in-one toolkit to do just that!

For more strategies on how your nonprofit can better elverage your donor data, see our article on CRM and marketing automation strategies for nonprofits.

If you require financial assistance to purchase Groundhogg, and you are a registered 501 (c)(3) or other type of nonprofit, apply to our CRMA Grant program!

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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