Are you collecting donations on your site using GiveWP? You may be leaving money on the table by not leveraging CRM and marketing automation.

Using Groundhogg you maximize donations from existing donors and market to new potential donors. The GiveWP integration for Groundhogg will help you identify donors on your list who are most likely to donate again, and who are almost ready to donate for the first time, as well as follow up with donors from the past.

“Groundhogg and GiveWP are a great match!”

Groundhogg has all the right features to enhance your donor relationships. Plus the whole team responds quickly to user feedback by adding new features and improvements continually. It’s a great fit for fundraising websites for sure. — Matt Cromwell, Operations and co-Founder GiveWP

All features

This is a list of all the features in the GiveWP integration:

  • Filter contacts by number of donations
  • Filter contacts by donor value
  • Filter contacts by recent donations
  • See donation history in the contact record
  • Personalize emails with new replacement codes for donations
  • GiveWP benchmark for new donations filtered by GiveWP form
  • Apply tags whenever a donation is made from a GiveWP form.
  • Sync past donations with your contacts list

Find potential donors on your list!

Using Groundhogg’s advanced search filtering, you can segment your list by the number of donations made or the total donor value. This will allow you to quickly find your top donors that you can go to personally to raise emergency funds.

It also allows you to see who on your list may have only been a single-time donor, so you can add them to a funnel and nurture them to donate again!

You can also filter based on whether a contact made a certain size of donation to specific donation forms within a given time range.

Follow up with donors after they make a donation!

With the GiveWP Groundhogg Benchmark, you can add new donors to a funnel once they make a new donation from one of your GiveWP Donation forms.

This would be super useful to send a series of emails or text messages to that donor following their donation to persuade them to make further donations to other causes or let them know the impact of their donation.

Segment your donors with tags when they make a new donation!

Want to keep track of which contacts donate to which form? Easy! You can apply or remove tags from the contact record whenever a new donation is made from a GiveWP form! Then you’ll be able to see which contacts are most likely to donate to which causes.

See donation history in the contact record!

You can see a contact’s full donation history from the contact record, both in the info cards as well as in the activity timeline, allowing you to see where donations happen in the customer journey.

Personalize emails with donation details

You get 6 new replacement codes to personalize your correspondence with donors.

  • Lifetime donation amount
  • Most recent donation amount
  • Form name of the most recent donation
  • Most recent donation level
  • Most recent donation level amount
  • Donor dashboard URL

Have you been using GiveWP for a while already? Sync past donations with Groundhogg in seconds.

If you’re just getting started with Groundhogg, but you’ve already been using GiveWP for some time, you may want to sync all your previous donations with Groundhogg. The sync tool will sync any tags that you are applying or removing from your GiveWP donation forms as well as create the contact record.