How Does Groundhogg Stack Up?

Find out how Groundhogg compares to and improves upon the most popular CRMs out there!

Check Out These 100% Unique Features!

Groundhogg boasts some totally unique features that no other CRM can compare with making Groundhogg the ultimate tool.

Self Hosted

Groundhogg is an all inclusive self hosted plugin which you simply install in your WordPress admin area.

There are many benefits to self hosting such as speed, flexability, compatibility & customizability are all under your control.

This gives you an entirely new level of control over your business.

Open Source

Groundhogg is open source software. That means everyone and anyone can contribute to making Groundhogg a better CRM.

Fix bugs, become part of the conversation, suggest improvements or make the improvements yourself and send it to our curator team to implement.

Your Business, Your Data!

Since Groundhogg is self hosted, your data becomes your responsibility since no other company will ever be able to access it, ever!

If anything were to ever happen to a SAAS CRM company, your data would be lost forever.

Active Community

Groundhogg has an active community of WordPress & Groundhogg professionals ready to assist you with their expertise and experience.

Deep In WordPress

Your site is very much part of your business, your CRM should be to. We provide a user experience that you’ll understand by making our platform “look” like WordPress.

We’ve made a large effort to spread the tendrils of Groundhogg throughout WP so you have a cohesive all in one experience.

Security Is Our Priority

Since Groundhogg is open source our security is a top priority.

We have external third parties always reviewing our work so that you’ll never have to worry about a data breach as a result of Groundhogg.

Developer Oriented

Groundhogg is designed to give power to the developer.

With our open Funnel API you can add custom actions, benchmarks, APIs and more.

Using the WordPress plugins API you can hook into almost every area of Groundhogg to run the code you want to.

Transferable & Exportable

Funnels built in Groundhogg can be easily shared, exported, and installed between WordPress sites without any loss of data, functionality, or confusion.

Have a funnel you want to move from one WP to another? It’s easy! Just export and import. Never fear of losing your data again!

Specialty Integrations

We provide an extensive list of integrations for your favorite WordPress plugins.

These extensions are designed to make working with Forms, eCommerce and more a breeze!

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