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We will train you how to implement Groundhogg for your clients and everything else you need to get more email marketing clients without spending thousands on software or training.


Try The Partner Program Risk-Free! Love It or Get A Full Refund!

Access to the Certified Partner Program is included in the cost of the Agency License which comes with our 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you’re not happy with Groundhogg, or the program, get your money back.

Adrian Tobey
Founder and CEO, Groundhogg

Partner Program

"Access to essential education and people who will help your agency grow!"

Access to these benefits and more!
Ready To Grow Your Agency with Groundhogg?
Get access to partner benefits when you sign up for the Agency plan!

Am I a good fit for the Certified Partner Program?

If you're wondering if this is the right choice for your agency, answer the questions below...

Are you currently starting or running a digital marketing agency that helps small business launch, grow, and scale?​

That's what our program is all about! If you're starting a new agency, or you've been in business for years, we have strategies that will help you help your clients.

Are you open to new opportunities and want to add additional revenue streams to your current service offerings?

This program is not just about software, it's about adopting a new way of conducting business, diversifying revenue, and adding new opportunities for growth.

Do you need proven advice to help bring your agency into the next chapter and future proof your offerings?

Our team developed from a successful digital marketing agency and training business, so we have accumulated years of expertise on how to run a successful agency and future proof your business.

Do you want access to a network of agencies that can help you overcome common obstacles?

Not only will you be able to access the knowledge of our own team, but our network of other Certified Partners as well! Put all that expertise together and you'll have access to decades of experience.

Do you have knowledge that you can share that may solve someone else's problem?

We say, "If you know something that can help someone, you have a duty and responsibility to share it." That's what we do with all our knowledge, so if you're an expert in something, chances are there is someone in our network who can benefit from it!

Do you love learning and discovering new ways of creating value?

Our Certified Partners are learn-it-alls! We love to learn and adopt new ways of thinking and behaving. If you're a learn-it-all too this is a group yuou need to be a part of.

Do you need tools and frameworks that the pros use to help you make critical business decisions?

If you're someone who loves tools, templates, and frameworks you will definitely love being a Certified Partner. We're constantly creating new tools to help you succeed.

Are you wondering what your next step is to creating wealth and stability in your agency?

Some times we just need a little help establishing direction. If that's you, we can help!

Basically, this program is for you if...
Ready To Grow Your Agency with Groundhogg?
Get access to partner benefits when you sign up for the Agency plan!


Training, Mastermind, and Direct Access to the Groundhogg team!

There is no guesswork when it comes to implementing Groundhogg for small businesses. We know the strategies that work and the ones that don’t. 

After all our team used to be an agency before developing Groundhogg!

✅ Get trained on how to setup Groundhogg for your agency to generate more marketing clients.
✅ Learn how to package Groundhogg into your agency services.
✅ Pick your niche and carve out your audience from a saturated industry.
✅ Bi-Weekly Mastermind Call to help you overcome roadblocks and learn from other agencies.
✅ 30% base recurring commission rate!
✅ And more benefits…

If you’re serious about getting results for your clients using Groundhogg, then we’d seriously recommend applying for our Certified Partner Program!



Earn 30% recurring commission for your client referrals!

When you recommend Groundhogg to one of your clients and they purchase using your affiliate link we’ll pay a base recurring commission rate of 30% when you become a Certified Partner!

After selling 8 Pro plans to your clients you’ll have paid off the cost of your agency license!


Use your Certified Partner Certificate & Badge to build credibility!

The data shows that certificates help build credibility and authority with existing and potential clients. Close more deals and attract more leads by displaying your new Certified Partner Credentials on your site!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you run a digital marketing agency that wants to offer Groundhogg implementation as a service, then this is the program for you.

Get insights on how to attract clients, sell your services, and productize your offering.

No! Our Certified Partner Program is actually the best choice you can make if you are a new agency. We will share with you critical knowledge that will make getting your first clients much easier.

Access to the Certified Partner Program is included in the Agency Plan. There is no additional fee for access!

Absolutely! You can schedule a meeting with our Partner Manager and they will answer any questions you have.

Ready To Grow Your Agency with Groundhogg?
Get access to partner benefits when you sign up for the Agency plan!
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