YOu CAN Test Pro for 14 Days For Just $1

The only Award-Winning, Flat-Rate, Self-Hosted, and Reliable CRM and Marketing Automation plugin for WordPress that can truly compete with big SaaS.

Trusted by 3,000+ businesses in 65+ countries.

Get access to our Pro plan so you can decide if Groundhogg is
right for your company without committing to a yearly plan.

Fully risk free, we won’t automatically bill you after the 14 days (like other software companies will). If you're really unsatisfied, we'll even give your dollar back!

How the demo works 👇

Here's the gist...

1️⃣ Purchase the $1 14-day demo
2️⃣ Log into your WordPress sandbox
3️⃣ Activate and test premium features and integrations
4️⃣ Speak with a product expert to ask questions and get clarity (optional & no-obligation) 
5️⃣ Decide if Groundhogg is right for your business
6️⃣ Pick your flat-rate plan and upgrade!

You can choose to upgrade to any plan and there is an additional 14-day money back guarantee if you eventually decide Groundhogg is not right for you.

You get...

✅ Access to Groundhogg Pro for 14 days
✅ Your own private WordPress sandbox environment
✅ Add additional test users
✅ Test building funnels, emails, and more
✅ Export your assets if you upgrade

We will...

☑️ Answer any questions you have about our products and features
☑️ Provide you with helpful guidance and resources
☑️ Get on a 1-on-1 call with you to make sure you get the most value
☑️ Save your demo data for up to 60 days
☑️ Give you your $1 back if you don’t like Groundhogg

We won't...

🚫 Charge you automatically when the 14-days are over
🚫 Abuse your data or resell your information
🚫 Ever increase your base price if you upgrade (unlike our competitors)


Our customers have tried ActiveCampaign, Drip, Convertkit, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp and many more! Here’s why they switched to Groundhogg (besides saving lots of money).

The Last Marketing Automation Plugin You’ll Ever Need

“No longer do you have to shell out hundreds of dollars a month to have the same solution (or better) as the other big players in this industry.” — Matt Fraser

Powerful Marketing Automation Software

“Groundhogg is open source software which is simple to use, yet a very powerful option. It can replace Infusionsoft or any other marketing automation solution with this awesome self hosted option.” — Robert Roberston

Great Plugin & Even Greater Support

“This plugin replaces a lot of agonizing applications I used before.
It’s very affordable and the return-on-investment is very good. The support is unbelievably fast and to-the-point.” — Erik Sanders

Best CRM Product, a dream to implement, great support

“In a world with great products and terrible customer support, Groundhogg has created a super functional, easy to implement product with very robust features.” — Samantha Winslow

REal Businesses & Agencies Have Already Made The Switch, Here's What They Have To Say...

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We've moved all our clients from HubSpot to Groundhogg!

Kris Britton and his agency KAYBE started using Groundhogg and instantly fell in love. Since then they have either completely moved their clients to Groundhogg, or have used it to facilitate their marketing strategies for small businesses and enterprises alike!

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“It’s So Much Easier To Use! Now I Can Set Up Campaigns 2x Faster”

Paul has a marketing agency, the faster he implements things the more profit he will make for his agency and his clients as they get better results sooner.

Even the clients love using it because they save thousands in subscription fees.

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“I Love Having Everything In One Easy-To-Use Tool”

Garry not only thinks Groundhogg is much easier to use but he also loves the fact that he can build things without having to log in and out of different tools all the time.

Garry had a lot of campaigns in Infusionsoft but in his words: “Switching was pretty easy and I can save thousands a year in subscription fees”.

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“I’ve tried every marketing automation tool but nothing was as easy to use as Groundhogg!”

Kevin loves using WordPress but there wasn’t anything that would integrate directly so he either had to built a custom integrations or pay for 3rd party solutions, none of them were a good option!

Now that he has Groundhogg he can launch funnels way faster which helped him launch 5 client projects in 2 weeks!


Replace your current SaaS CRM with Groundhogg and save $1,000s a year in fees.


No more third-parties! You can cancel your WPFusion and Zapier subscriptions!

Axe the "Success Tax"

All Groundhogg’s plans are flat-rate and price guaranteed for life. We’ll never increase your base-price, unlike other CRMs.

Flat rate pricing no matter how big your list is.

  • 500 $50/m
  • 1,000 $50/m
  • 5,000 $50/m
  • 10,000 $50/m
  • 25,000 $50/m

Save $1,000s per year when you switch to Groundhogg for your CRM!

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $1,390/m
  • 1,000 $1,390/m
  • 5,000 $1,640/m
  • 10,000 $1,890/m
  • 25,000 $2,615/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $482/m
  • 1,000 $482/m
  • 5,000 $557/m
  • 10,000 $719/m
  • 25,000 $981/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $249/m
  • 1,000 $249/m
  • 5,000 $319/m
  • 10,000 $449/m
  • 25,000 $599/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $50/m
  • 1,000 $50/m
  • 5,000 $93/m
  • 10,000 $140/m
  • 25,000 $233/m

The above prices are calculated in USD based on the “most popular” monthly plan stated by the platform on
their pricing page, or the plan with the closest equivalent feature set. Prices were last updated in March 2023.


All plans are flat-rate. Your base price will never increase!

(billed annually)

“Deliver client marketing & sales projects faster and cheaper.”

Everything in Pro, and:
(billed annually)

“Everything you need to maximize results, and more.”

Everything in Plus, and:
(billed annually)

“Level up your sales and email marketing.”

Everything in Basic, and:
(billed annually)

“The essentials every business needs.”

The core essentials:

Try Groundhogg Risk-FREE

Thousands of businesses use Groundhogg to help launch their funnel, grow their list and scale their business in 65+ countries, so we know you’ll love it too!

But in the unlikely event that Groundhogg just isn’t for you, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund within the first 14 days of your purchase.

All pricing in USD. You can upgrade your plan or cancel at any time. Renewals are at full price when using a discount.

Businesses and agencies SWITCHING TO GROUNDHOGG

Why do you charge $1 for a demo?

It's a great way to weed out tire kickers. Hosting demo sites and sandboxes costs money.

Do you charge more for additional users or contacts?

Nope! Groundhogg is a WordPress plugin, so you can add unlimited users and contacts!

Do you charge extra for email sends?

With Groundhogg you bring your own SMTP. you can choose from any of our preferred SMTP integrations. Billing for outgoing emails is handled by them.

Will you migrate me from my current CRM?

We offer installation and setup for new customers which includes migrating your contacts from your existing CRM.

Can I try Groundhogg first?

Of course. For just $1 we’ll give you your own private sandbox to test all of Groundhogg’s premium features.

Must I use WordPress to use Groundhogg?

Groundhogg must be installed on a WordPress site, but that site does not have to be your main site. You can host WordPress anywhere, so you can have a site JUST for using Groundhogg.

What happens if I don't renew?

Unlike with SaaS, if you don't renew your license Groundhogg will continue to function normally on your site. You will simply stop receiving support and updates.

Can I use Groundhogg on a seperate site from my main one?

Yes, you can use Groundhogg on any WordPress installation. But to take full advantage of Groundhogg's integrations you should install it wherever your other plugins are installed.

Do you offer monthly payments?

No. Because Groundhogg is a WordPress plugin, and because it continues to work when you don't renew, monthly payments do not generate the revenue required to develop and support this amazing product.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! You can request a full refund within 14 days, no questions asked!

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