Best in class CRM and Marketing Automation Features

Essential tools for your small business to help you launch, grow, and scale.


Know your audience

Collect, filter, and segment your data to get a better understanding of who's on your list. Leverage your data to predict or alter buying and engagement habits. Gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customer.

Contact Management

Keep track of your contacts right inside the WordPress admin dashboard.

Custom Fields

Unlimited custom fields to collect the data that's important to you.

Tags & Segmentation

Segment contacts with tags, or by search using search filters.

Advanced Search Filtering EXCLUSIVE

Search by any kind of data in your database, and the data of other plugins. The most flexible CRM search available without upgrading to enterprise level software.

Activity Tracking

Site activity is automatically collected and saved to the contact record for reporting.

Centralized Contact Record EXCLUSIVE

See data from all your other plugins related to the contact on one screen. Including WooCommerce orders, BuddyBoss details, LMS course progress, and more.


Location and timezone is known automatically so you always call on time.

Company Records PLUS

Keep track of companies and related contacts to companies.


Keep track of a contact's birthday for those important birthday emails.

Staff Permissions

Give staff members limited access to their own contacts in the admin.

Easy Import & Export

Quickly import or export your contacts in a few clicks.

GDPR Compliant

Let us worry about compliance, you focus on running your business.

Custom Reports

Build a custom report dashboard to better understand your audience.

Thousands of satisfied users and 100+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews!


Convert leads into sales

Use proven sales tools to help turn leads into cash flow. Never let potential business slip through the cracks. Create bookings, manage your pipeline, collect payments, and more.

Sales Pipeline PLUS

Keep track of all the deals in your pipeline. You can even track multiple pipelines.

Booking Calendar PLUS

Have leads book with you automatically and sync with your Google calendar.

Lead Scoring PLUS

Know who's ready to buy by setting up custom activity tracking rules.

Send & Sign Contracts PLUS

Send contracts to your clients for them to sign back to you.

Collect Payments PLUS

Create order forms and have customers pay you online. Either one-time or subscriptions.

Social Proof PLUS

Show proof that you're killing it by displaying sales and activity history on your site.

Content Restriction PLUS

Restrict content on your site to people that match specific criteria.

Flat rate pricing no matter how big your list is.

  • 500 $50/m
  • 1,000 $50/m
  • 5,000 $50/m
  • 10,000 $50/m
  • 25,000 $50/m

Other platforms charge you a "success tax," we don't.

Save 1,000s per year when you choose Groundhogg for your WordPress site!

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $1,390/m
  • 1,000 $1,390/m
  • 5,000 $1,640/m
  • 10,000 $1,890/m
  • 25,000 $2,615/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $482/m
  • 1,000 $482/m
  • 5,000 $557/m
  • 10,000 $719/m
  • 25,000 $981/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $249/m
  • 1,000 $249/m
  • 5,000 $319/m
  • 10,000 $449/m
  • 25,000 $599/m

Monthly cost per # of contacts

  • 500 $50/m
  • 1,000 $50/m
  • 5,000 $93/m
  • 10,000 $140/m
  • 25,000 $233/m

The above prices are calculated in USD based on the “most popular” monthly plan stated by the platform on
their pricing page, or the plan with the closest equivalent feature set. Prices were last updated in March 2023.


Stay top of mind

Groundhogg's easy email marketing features enable you to get quality email content in front of your audience fast, so you're always top of mind.

Plain Text Email Editor

It's proven that minimalist emails outperform heavily designed emails by 60%.

Block Email Editor

Create emails using the WordPress block editor with custom blocks for email!

Custom HTML Templates BASIC

Have your own email templates? You can import those no problem!

Email Engagement Reports

Detailed metrics of opens, clicks, and conversions.

Email Broadcasts

Let your entire list know about your sales or upcoming event!

Scheduled Emails

Setup automated emails for holidays, birthdays, and sales teams.

SMTP Integrations PRO

Use MailHawk, SendGrid, AWS, Elastic Email, or any other SMTP service of your choice.

Content Personalization

Create personalized content using contact details and custom fields.

Conditional Content

Tailor messaging based on whether a contact matches specified criteria.


Your business, automated

Spend more time working ON your business and less time IN it by replacing menial tasks with automation. Create funnels and workflows to deliver content, nurture leads, and convert sales without ever getting involved.

Automated Funnels

Automate your sales process and lead contacts through their customer journey.

Conditional Logic PRO

Create sophisticated automation to tailor the journey to your contacts specific needs.

Funnel Analytics

Get a detailed breakdown of what is working well, and what is not working in your funnel.


Get access to a library of funnel templates ready to import and customize.

Import & Export

Copy your funnels to any other site using Groundhogg. Perfect for agencies.

Funnel Sharing EXCLUSIVE

Share your funnel templates with your audience with a unique share link.

Form Builder

Create forms or integrate with dozens of WordPress form plugins.

Cart Abandonment PRO

Convert more sales by recovering abandoned carts.

Customer Onboarding

Increase retention with a proper customer onboarding sequence.


Send a notice to users that have not logged in within a time period.

Automated Followup

Automatically followup with leads after a sales call finishes.

Leverage SMS PRO

Use SMS to reach contacts over multiple channels to nudge them closer to purchase.

Birthday Reminders PLUS

Send birthday reminders to your contacts to spread that little bit of extra love.

Generate Reviews

Send review requests after someone purchases a product or uses a service.

Drip Content

Drip feed content to subscribers over time.


Centralize your data

Groundhogg centralizes your data from multiple plugins into a single contact record. Not only does this make your data more accessible, it makes it actionable. Start funnels, send emails, update custom fields based on changes in other plugins.

33+ Plugin & SaaS Integrations

We only integrate with the best of the best so you can be sure your process will work.

Always Adding More

We're always looking for new developer partners and creating more integrations.

More Benchmarks and Actions

Integrations add more benchmarks and actions you can use to build funnels.

Many Plugins, One Screen

View data about a contact from other plugins in one screen.

Enhanced Analytics

Correlate sales and other metrics to email and funnel performance.

Enhanced Search EXCLUSIVE

Filter contacts by data in other plugins like sales history or membership status.

AffiliateWP PRO

Sync your affiliate list with the CRM. Launch funnels based on affiliate events.

Amazon Web Services PRO

Send emails and SMS messages through SES and SNS.

BuddyBoss PRO

Sync your members with your CRM and add contacts to funnels from community events.

Caldera Forms PRO

Create contacts and start funnels from Contact Form 7 submissions.

Contact Form 7 PRO

Create contacts and start funnels from Contact Form 7 submissions.

Divi PRO

Create contacts and apply tags from Divi optin modules.

Easy Digital Downloads PRO

Sync your customers with the CRM and send emails after store events.

Elastic Email PRO

Send marketing and transactional emails through Elastic Email.

Elementor PRO

Submissions from elementor forms get added as contacts in Groundhogg.

Fluent Forms PRO

Add contacts and start funnels from Fluent submissions.

Formidable Forms PRO

Create contacts and start automation from Formidable submissions.

Forminator PRO

Create contacts and start automation from Forminator submissions.


Sync and search donors through the CRM and send emails after a new donation.

Gravity Forms PRO

Create contacts and start automation from Gravity submissions.

HelpScout PRO

See contact record details in helpscout and send followup emails after a ticket is closed.

LearnDash PRO

Segment your students and send drip emails after they enroll in a course.


Sync and segment students with the CRM and send emails after a course is completed.


Send marketing and transactional emails with the MailHawk SMTP service.

MemberPress PRO

Sync your MemberPress members with yoru CRM and marketing.

Ninja Forms PRO

Send emails through the SendGrid API. Receive webhook bounce notifications.

SendGrid PRO

Send emails through the SendGrid API. Receive webhook bounce notifications.


Send SMS through the SMS77 API service.

ThriveCart PRO

Send followup emails after a new order in ThriveCart.


Apply tags based on course enrollment and lesson completion.

Twilio PRO

Send SMS through the Twilio API service.

weForms PRO

Create contacts and send emails from weForms submissions.


Sync customers with the CRM and run automation based on store events.

WP Simple Pay PRO

Send followup emails after a new order on your website.

WP Forms PRO

Create contacts and launch funnels from WP Forms submissions.

Zapier PRO

Send webhooks or receive webhooks from Zapier.

ZeroBounce PRO

Validate new subscribers have real email addresses.

Great team, great product, and works with all the key WordPress tools I’m using. So nice to be able to do broadcast emails, tagging, and marketing automation all from inside my WordPress website.

Chris Badgett, CEO  LifterLMS

Groundhogg is essential for many community builders, course creators, and membership site owners to achieve higher rates of engagement and retention. It simplifies many complex processes including onboarding, email marketing, funnels, and enables you to scale your marketing efforts more efficiently.

Francisco Opazo, (former) Marketing Manager  


Create your perfect system

Groundhogg is built with developers in mind. Hooks, filters, webhooks, and a REST API give you the tools to turn our incredible software into your extraordinary CRM.

Send Webhooks BASIC

Send outgoing webhooks to third parties and map the response to the contact record.


Map responses from outgoing or incoming webhooks to contact fields. You would typically need Zapier or another plugin for this kind of feature.

Rest API

Our robust API enables you to create apps, scripts, and more!

Custom Funnel Steps EXCLUSIVE

Integrate directly into the funnel builder with little code!

Create Extensions EXCLUSIVE

Create your own extensions with actions, benchmarks, search filters and more.


Rebrand Groundhogg as your own CRM for your customers.

Templates Libraries EXCLUSIVE

Create your own template library and syndicate it to your customers.

100s of Hooks & Filters

Add your own UI components, or run scripts when something happens.


Save big on Marketing Automation & CRM with Groundhogg

Not only do we offer an easy-to-use marketing automation & CRM solution but we also offer it at a flat rate. This will help you save $100s or even $1,000s a year in marketing automation & CRM software fees.

Flat Rate Pricing — Say “Goodbye,” to the success tax! Never pay more just because your list grows!

Love it or get your money back — if you don’t love Groundhogg in the first 14 days we’ll refund your purchase no questions asked. 100% risk-free.

Stellar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rated support — Average issue & ticket resolution time of 14.5 hours!

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