Groundhogg vs Infusionsoft

Finally, a CRM company that will listen to your pleas, fix the bugs on time, and provide you with customizable marketing and sales automation without any monthly fees. Could Groundhogg be Infusionsoft’s worst nightmare?

From A Groundhogg User...

You guys basically took Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign and made their love child..

Marketing Automation

Our exclusive “Funnel Builder” provides an easy and flexible framework to design the user experience of your customers. All settings are easily accessible in a single screen within WordPress. Simply drag, drop and customize the  various steps to customize your funnel. 

Sales Automation

Use the sales pipeline extension to move customers through your pipeline one step at a time. A user can move a contact through the various pipeline stages which in turn launches customized automation sequences.

Reporting That You Can Actually Use

Don’t spend hours trying to get the data you need. Find it right away by accessing the multitude of reports in your executive dashboard. New reports are being added all the time.

Thinking of Switching from Infusionsoft to Groundhogg?

Switching can often be  tedious and time consuming, which is why you should think about having us have us do it for you. That way you can take care of your business while we get Groundhogg up and running faster than you think possible.

Our team of migration experts are standing by to help you make the move. Say goodbye to monthly bills, price hikes, tech frustration, software glitches and dissatisfaction as you leave Infusionsoft and replace it with the bliss you deserve when you make the switch to the LAST CRM you’ll ever need.

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