5 ways to sell Groundhogg

Easy to implement strategies to earn more affiliate commissions.

Send an email to your list!

The easiest and fastest way to make a sale is to send an email to your existing list, letting them know that Groundhogg exists and can help solve some of their marketing struggles.

Share on Social Media

Another fast way to get your affiliate link out there is to share Groundhogg on your social channels.

Use any of the share buttons below to share your affiliate link on the chosen social channel. 


Write a long form review!

If you have a little more time, a super effective evergreen way to sell Groundhogg and earn commissions is to write a review of Groundhogg.

There are several different approaches to writing a review, but I often find that the best way is usually the most genuine. Write about how you use Groundhogg.

Create a video tutorial!

Sharing your knowledge will build trust with clients and potential customers. It can also lead to commissions!

Record a video walking viewers through how you designed, built, and executed your awesome strategy.

Switch an existing Client.

If you are an agency, this is probably the most lucrative option as not only do you get a commission for selling a license, you can charge your client for the time it takes to migrate them to Groundhogg.

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