Seeking WordPress Plugin Developer Partners!

Profitable affiliate opportunity for WordPress plugin developers with email related products.

Are you a WordPress plugin developer distributing plugins on for free looking to introduce a new revenue stream?

Offering WordPress plugins for free can be a back breaking and risky business, especially if you do not have a way to monetize your hard work.

You’re constantly dealing with…

  • Constant WordPress updates
  • Loads of support requests
  • Plugin conflicts

It’s too much for too little reward. We want to help you change that!

If you are interested in monetizing your plugin’s user base while providing them with a superior email experience, we can do that together!

Who are we?

Groundhogg is a small business in Toronto ON, Canada run by a small team of people dedicated to providing small businesses using WordPress with superior CRM and Marketing Automation tools.

We help small businesses simplify, consolidate and automate their sales and marketing so site owners can focus on growing their business instead of working in their business.

We have more than 50 five star reviews and are currently helping over 1,200 small businesses in 30 countries build their sales and marketing automation processes.

How can we help you monetize your plugin?

If you are looking for an additional way to monetize your plugin, this is how we can help you do just that.

We have developed a special program for plugin developers like yourself to benefit from promoting Groundhogg to your audience.

We are offering plugin developers a 20% recurring affiliate commission for any sales from your users plus a one-time sponsorship of $500 USD.

The sponsorship package will cover the cost of integrating any code/assets into your plugin.

How it works...

Your plugin has unique features that can neatly integrate with our plugin suite (our plugins are very developer friendly). For example:

  • Optin form integrations
  • Custom email templates
  • Email logging
  • Unique SMTP providers
  • Or something completely different!

You can offer your users this integration with our plugin either from your site or in the plugin admin itself.

We have code you can embed in your integration to track if your user purchased anything and attribute that to you. 

Here’s how to get started…

Fill out the application for to start the process!

Please include the link to your plugin on the WordPress repo as well as a brief description of what it does.

You will be redirected to a booking calendar where you can book a 30 minute time slot that works for you.

During the call we can get to know each other and discuss an integration that would benefit both our audiences, get you registered for the developer affiliate program and deliver any assets you might need.

If you are interested in selling your plugin, we are actively looking for acquisition opportunities. See below for more details. 

Looking to sell your plugin?

If you are looking to sell your plugin because you can no longer maintain it or simply want to cash in, we are open to having a conversation about acquiring your plugin.

We are interested in acquiring plugins which…

  • Have 1,000+ active installs
  • Have no/limited monetization
  • Provide email focused functionality
    • Optin forms
    • SMTP
    • Email logging
    • Email templates
    • Email integration for other plugins
    • Membership/Content restriction
    • Ecommerce

We want to grow our portfolio of email focused products so we can offer our customers a complete customer experience.

If this is a conversation you want to have, please mention it in the notes section of the form!

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