Supercharge your funnels and marketing with more powerful automation and admin features. This add-on adds more benchmarks, actions, superlinks, and more so you can get the right message in front of your audience.

All Features

New funnel actions

Advanced features adds new funnels actions to your funnels.

Advanced Timer

Use a custom string to create a date or delay based timer.

Field Timer

Use the date value from a custom field or replacement code to create a date based delay.

Date Timer

Select a specific date to wait until before the proceeding actions.

Create User

Create a WordPress user account from a funnel!

Edit Contact Meta

Update and modify contact meta (custom fields) from your funnels.

Apply Owner

Change the contact owner with automation. You can round-robin by selecting multiple owners.


You can create recurring funnels by looping to a previous step of the funnel.


Skip forward in the funnel when specific conditions are met.


Send an outgoing webhook with custom post data in JSON or FORM format from your funnels.

New Activity

Record custom activity that will show in the contact activity timeline.

Plugin API Action

Hook in your own action code with this nifty low-code funnel step.

New Funnel Benchmarks

Logs In

Whenever a contact logs in

Page Visited

Whenever a contact visits a page that matches your rules.

Role Changed

When a WordPress user’s role changes to the one selected.

Field Changed

When a contact’s meta (custom field) is changes and meets the designated criteria.

Post Published

Add contacts from a saved search to a funnel when a post or custom post type is publish and their taxonomies meet the criteria.

Webhook Listener

Send webhook data directly to your funnel and map the request data to contact fields.

Plugin API Benchmark

Low code solution to triggering funnels with your own benchmark code.

Custom Activity

Do automation when a new custom activity record is record either by code or by the custom activity action.

Superlinks are special tracking links that can add and remove tags as well as update custom fields.

Once of the use cases for superlinks is to create link based email surveys.

You can use tags or custom fields to collect your survey results and then create a custom report.

Resend to unopened

Easily schedule broadcasts to contacts that didn’t open them with the re-send to unopened action in the sent broadcasts list.

Automatic unsubscribe email notification handling

When sending email with the List-Unsubscribe header, you may recieve email notifications to your inbox when users want to unsubscribe.

Groundhogg will handle these notifications for you, all you have to do is enable the setting in Groundhogg > Settings > Email > Unsubscribe

Read more on List-Unsubscribe header and how we handle unsubscribe email notifications.