Supercharge Groundhogg and level up your business with powerful automation and sales features.

A powerful bundle of features to help supercharge and level up your automation, sales, and marketing in one plugin.

Advanced drag-and-drop email editor.

Create beautiful emails using our drag-and-drop email editor. Create email based on pre-designed templates or save your own templates.

More funnel steps to create higher converting funnels.

With Advanced Features, you will get 13 new funnel steps to help create the perfect customer journey and automate your business processes.

New Benchmarks
  • User Role Changed
  • Custom Meta Field Changed
  • User Logged In
  • Page Visited
  • Email Opened
  • Webhook Listener
  • Plugin API
  • Custom Activity Listener
New Actions
  • Date Timer
  • Field Timer
  • Advanced Timer
  • Edit Meta
  • Assign Owner
  • Create User
  • Loop
  • Webhook
  • Plugin Action
  • New Custom Activity

Create better automation and easily segment contacts with Superlinks.

Superlinks allow you to add or remove tags, update custom fields, and segment customers when they click a link in an email, on your site, in a Facebook group, or anywhere!

Quickly re-send a broadcast to contacts that did not open your email.

Use this new feature to quickly re-send a broadcast to contacts that did not open your initial broadcast. Simply click the button and choose when to resend the broadcast!