Engage your Affiliates better with Groundhogg!

Do you use AffiliateWP to manage your affiliates? If so you can use this integration to better engage them, setup on-boarding funnels, and provide a stellar affiliate experience.

Run automation when an affiliate registers!

Start and run automation when a new affiliate enters the system and is Rejected or Approved. This is useful for segmenting Affiliates and creating on-boarding funnels.

Run automation when an affiliate earns a referral!

Start and run automation when an affiliate earns a referral. You can specify it you should run for any referral, when the affiliate reaches a certain number of referrals, or if the affiliate has reached a total earnings amount.

Create new affiliates from funnels!

You can create a new affiliate and choose their rate, or update the rate of an existing affiliate from a funnel directly.

New affiliate replacement codes.

Personalize emails with affiliate information! Like their personal affiliate link as well as remind them of their affiliate rate.

More features coming soon…

This is just the start! Be prepared for more features coming soon to allow you to create the best affiliate experience ever.