Spend less time struggling and more time booking!

The booking calendar extension is the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to a simple & Affordable way to book client appointments.

The booking calendar offers an easy way for both users and contacts to book time with multiple salespeople, or just yourself.

Plus you can sync up your calendars to your Google Calendar and Zoom so you can easily manage and attend your appointments.

Why use the Booking Calendar?

The Groundhogg Booking Calendar is the perfect Calendly alternative that you can host directly from your WordPress site.

  • Allow contacts to book appointments on any page on your site.
  • Sync appointments with your Google calendar.
  • Automatically create Zoom meetings.
  • Launch automation whenever an appointment is booked.
  • Conversion-optimized features so you can book more appointments faster.
  • Stylish design.
  • No monthly fees!

Stylish design and easy to use.

The design of the calendar rivals the most expensive SaaS alternatives and gives your customers complete confidence.

All calendars have a 3 step booking process.

  1. Pick a date
  2. Pick a time
  3. Provide your details

Manage your appointments from the admin.

See all your appointments, even ones synced with Google Calendar from your admin screen.

You’ll also be able to manually add appointments and invite your contacts to meet with you.

Sync appointments with your Google Calendar

You can also connect to your Google Calendar and sync your availability and appointments with the Groundhogg Booking Calendar.

New appoints will be added to the calendar of your choice, and events in Google will be synced to the website periodically.

Integrate with Zoom.

You can also connect your Groundhogg Booking Calendar to Zoom so that you can create Zoom meetings automatically when a new appointment is scheduled.