Caledera Forms will be sunset/retired on 31 March 2022. We suggest migrating to another form builder.

Create Contacts and Start Automation With Caldera Forms!

Do you use Caldera Forms for your business to collect leads and start your sales process? Use this connector to add even more power to the already powerful Caldera Forms.

Caldera Forms is a user-friendly WordPress form builder designed to help the less technical WordPress users out there make even the most complex form applications.

Now you can use Groundhogg with Caldera Forms to create powerful follow-up sequences to nurture potential clients and close more sales.

Why should you use Caldera Forms with Groundhogg?

  • Start automation and funnels whenever a form is submitted.
  • Create contacts and map fields to contact fields or contact meta to use the information later.
  • Connect entries to contact records for easy navigation.
  • Replace the default Groundhogg form with a more robust from builder.

How does it work?

Upon installing and activating our extension, you will see a new Caldera Forms benchmark appear in your funnel builder view. Simply choose which form you want to add to your funnel, map the fields to Groundhogg contact data and that’s it!

New Caldera Forms Benchmark

Use the Caldera Forms benchmark in the funnel builder to start funnels when you collect leads and quotes.

Map Form Fields

You can also map fields to default contact fields OR custom metadata so you can use all your information in emails.