Improve your B2B sales process by organizing your contacts by company.

Work with companies and people? The companies extension allows you to organize your prospects into company records so you can easily find who you need to talk to so you can get a buying decision fast!

All Features:

  • Import your existing company records
  • Link contacts to a company record
  • Add notes & upload files to individual company records
  • Custom fields for company records
  • Searchable company staff directory
  • Send emails to all company staff
  • New position and depeartment contact fields

Manage company records from WordPress

From the companies screen you can edit company information, associate contacts with a specific company, add relevant files like quotes and invoices. Even keep track of notes about a company!

See linked companies from the contact record

See all the companies the contact is linked to from the companies card in the contact record

Contact work detail fields

Keep track of contact’s job titles, departments, and work numbers.