Contact Form 7 Integration

Create Contacts and Start Automation With Contact Form 7!

Do you use Contact Form 7 to collect leads and start your sales process? Use this connector to transform Contact Form 7 from a simple Auto Responder into a supercharged lead gen and quote form.

Contact form 7 is currently active on over 5 million websites, and most of those sites are using the bare minimum in followup tools to nurture anyone who clicks the submit button.

Now you can create powerful followup sequences to nurture potential clients and close more sales.

Why should you use Contact Form 7?

  • Contact Form 7 itself is FREE
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s widely supported by other plugins and themes
  • It’s very versatile and easy to manipulate
  • Uses Askimet spam protection and Google reCaptcha to prevent spam.

Why should you use the CF7 Connector?

  • Start automation and funnels whenever a Contact Form is submitted.
  • Create contacts whenever a from is submitted rather than just sending a 1 off email.
  • Store CF7 answers as contact meta and use them in followup emails.
  • Replace the default Groundhogg form with a more robust from builder.

New Contact Form 7 Benchmark

Use the CF7 benchmark in the funnel builder to start funnels when you collect leads and quotes.

Map Form Fields

You can also map fields to default contact fields OR custom meta data so you can use all your information in emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fields Can I Map

You can map any fields in the form builder with the exception of any credit card related fields.

Is there a limit to how many fields I can map?

There is no limit. You can map as many fields in the form to as many custom fields as you need.

Will This Work With Existing Forms?

Yes, any existing forms can be used in the funnel builder and mapped to custom fields.

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Billed yearly until cancelled


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