Have clients sign Legally Binding Contracts on your site!

The need to “get it in writing” is more important than ever. Currently, the online contract signing space is dominated by only a few big players who charge big bucks so you can cover your a**.

We at Groundhogg don’t want you to have to spend big dollars to collect big wins, so we built our own simple and easy-to-use contract management system within WordPress.

It will allow you to send contracts and have your clients sign them digitally. Signed contracts will be available to print and download and will be linked to the contact’s record.

Contracts will also be able to launch automation with the “Contract Signed benchmark” in the funnel builder.

Why Use Our Contract’s Add On?

  • It’s built into WordPress, eliminating the need for secondary login information.
  • It’s inexpensive compared to the other digital signing platforms like Docusign.
  • It’s billed Yearly instead of monthly & comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Gives contacts the chance to download and print their own version of the contract.
  • Adds additional benchmarks to the Funnel Builder allowing you to kick off automation.

Create contracts in few minutes to end to your clients.

Write full contracts in your WP Admin! All contracts can include ANY built-in Groundhogg replacement codes so that it looks like you wrote it yourself.

Mobile Responsive Signing.

Clients can sign your contracts on any device. our mobile responsive signing form can be used to to easily collect digital signatures from a touch pen, mouse or finger.

Store Contracts For Later Use.

Find contracts right within the contact record view. View, print or delete easily in seconds.

Contacts Can Print Too!

After a contact signs they will be given the option to print their contract to a printer or PDF.