Increase Sales & Decrease Abandoned Carts with the Easy Digital Downloads Integration!

Easy Digital Downloads is a Top Tier eCommerce solution for companies exclusively selling digital products (Audio Files, PDFs, WordPress Plugins, Apps). It also happens to be what is powering our own eCommerce at the moment.

Easy Digital Downloads is widely used, with the number of activated sites currently around the 60,000 mark.

It provides a straightforward framework for managing digital assets and very useful reporting features, making it the eCommerce platform of choice for our company.

With our Easy Digital Downloads integration, you can make Easy Digital Downloads even MORE powerful with new automation triggers and better reporting.

Why use Easy Digital Downloads?

  • It’s easy to set up and user-friendly.
  • Its add-ons are more affordable than its main competitor Woocommerce (if you purchase them in packages).
  • If you’re a developer, it’s very developer-friendly as well.
  • Many different options to sell your digital products.
  • Many supported themes make it easy to create functional and beautiful stores quickly.
  • There are plenty of extensions and integrations to enhance store performance and functionality.

Why use the Groundhogg Easy Digital Downloads Integration?

  • Adds 4 new funnel benchmarks to the funnel builder for enhanced automation.
  • Connect contact records to customer records for easy admin navigation.
  • New replacement codes to improve the customer return path.
  • Automatically convert customers into contacts.
  • Learn the dollar value of your emails by connecting revenue to clicks from emails.
  • BONUS Cart Abandonment Funnel Template, increase sales and decrease your abandonment rate with this simple pre-built & pre-written funnel.

Run automation based on six eCommerce events.

  • Add to cart
  • Remove from cart
  • Emptied Cart
  • Cart Abandoned
  • Order Status Changed
  • Subscription Status Changed

Search for contacts based on purchase history.

You can search contacts in Groundhogg based on purchase history in EDD.

See customer details within the contact record!

Create abandon cart funnels to boost sales!

Using the Easy Digital Downloads funnel benchmarks you can create killer cart abandonment funnels for your products to mop up potential lost sales.

Use special replacement codes to create discounts and restore carts.

Use these replacement codes to create effective email campaigns.

  • Restore cart URL
  • Generate single use discount codes
  • Merge cart contents
  • Recent order history

Add or remove tags whenever a download is purchased.

Granular reporting tells what’s working and what isn’t.

Groundhogg’s tracking integration with Easy Digital Downloads tells you exactly which funnels are generating revenue, which ones aren’t, how much revenue they did create, and more!

Easy Digital Downloads Overview Report