Quickly Style Forms In Seconds Without Code.

Groundhogg forms are quick to create, simple to use, but lack the styling versatility you may be accustomed to with some modern from builders.

Well no longer! Bring your forms up to date and supercharge the form builder with a set of new styling options.

Why Use Form Styling?

  • Quickly style your existing Groundhogg Forms without ever having to leave the funnel builder.
  • Works instantly and requires NO CSS knowledge.
  • Cost effective compared to purchasing another form builder.
  • Integrated into the rest of Groundhogg.

New Form Editing Buttons

Edit the style of your form without ever leaving the funnel editor. Upon activation 4 new buttons will appear beneath the editor allowing you to edit the appearance.

Edit Settings In Place

Never have to leave the comfort of the funnel editor as you can edit all the form style settings in place without leaving the page.