Create Contacts and Start Automation With Gravity Forms!

Do you use Gravity Forms to collect leads and start your sales process? Use this connector to transform Gravity Forms from a simple Auto Responder into a supercharged lead gen and quote form.

Gravity Forms is the most robust and well-developed commercial form builder currently on the market. But it’s always needed a third part CRM to really make it worthwhile.

Now you can use Groundhogg with Gravity Forms to create powerful follow-up sequences to nurture potential clients and close more sales.

Why should you use Gravity Forms?

  • Very robust with many fields to choose from.
  • It has a large premium extension library.
  • It’s widely supported by other plugins and themes
  • It’s very versatile and easy to manipulate
  • A crowd favorite among both WP users and developers.

Why should you use the GF Connector?

  • Start automation and funnels whenever a form is submitted.
  • Create contacts and map fields to contact fields or contact meta to use the information later.
  • Connect entries to contact records for easy navigation.
  • Replace the default Groundhogg form with a more robust form builder.

New GF Benchmark.

Use the GF benchmark in the funnel builder to start funnels when you collect leads and quotes. You can also map fields to default contact fields OR custom metadata.

Map Form Fields

You can also map fields to default contact fields OR custom metadata so you can use all your information in emails.