Using MemberPress to run your paid membership business? Integrate MemberPress with Groundhogg to unlock amazing power to better segment and target your members with highly relevant marketing so you can generate more sales!

All Features

  • Apply tags to contacts when they get access to a Membership.
  • Automatically remove membership tags when their membership expires or lapses.
  • Sync any existing active memberships with your Contacts.
  • Filter your contacts by Total Spent, Subscription Count, Transaction Count, Active Membership, and Membership Count
  • More coming soon…

Prefer to watch?

Start a funnel when a new member signs up with a specific membership.

In the MemberPress membership screen, you can select which tags can be applied to a contact when they purchase that membership.

You can then use the Tag Applied benchmark to start a funnel and send any follow-up or onboarding emails.

Recover expired memberships and decrease your churn.

When a membership lapses the associated membership tags are removed. Both for specific memberships and the general active member tag.

This means you can start a funnel either when the tag is first applied, or when it is removed because the user no longer has any active memberships. This makes it easy to send follow-up emails to convert members that would have let their membership lapse.

Send highly targeted emails to your members.

With Groundhogg’s search filters, you can filter contacts by a number of MemberPress criteria including:

  • Active Memberships
  • Total Membership Count
  • Total Spent
  • Subscription count and status
  • Transaction count and status

And then once you find the contacts on your list you can send them email broadcasts or add them to funnels.