Need better tools to manage your leads?

Ditch the spreadsheets and upgrade to Groundhogg’s interactive drag & drop sales pipeline. Create multiple pipelines, drag and drop leads between sales stages, manage deals through the funnel builder and get advanced sales reporting at glance!

The sales pipeline is the ultimate tool to kick your sales team into high gear with sales automation and easily manage your leads manually or automatically.

All pipeline features:

  • Quickly have sales agents (or you) create deals within any pipeline at any time.
  • Create deals and move stages manually or automatically using the funnel builder.
  • Tie in your sales pipeline with the funnel builder for cohesive sales automation.
  • User restriction so sales agents can only manage leads that they own.
  • All on one screen, edit your pipeline, stages, and deals all in one simple drag & drop editor.
  • Custom fields for deals allow you to collect pertinent details.
  • Notes for deals to keep track of activity.

Manage your leads in an all-in-one intuitive interface!

Manage deals, stages, and your pipeline all on the same screen for maximum usability and time effectiveness.

The information you need at a glance!

Ditch your Rolodex, the info you need to close business is at your fingertips. Notes, custom fields, product interests, and more can be set and edited in the deal card within your pipeline.

Pipeline reporting at a glance!

New reports are added to the dashboard so you can make the crucial decisions you need to when running your business and be backed by excellent data.

Create deals automatically and automate from deal movement!

Use the new Create Deal action to automatically create a deal whenever a contact interacts with your site. Follow up by using the Deal Moved benchmark to launch automation whenever a deal is moved to a new pipeline stage.

Ready for your sales team!

Groundhogg comes with user roles specifically for sales teams. Give your sales teams the role of Sales Representative and they will only be able to manage their contacts, their deals, and be limited in their reporting capacity.