Want to send text messages to your audience anywhere in the world?

⚠️ This extension does NOT include the SMS gateway integrations.
To use the SMS extension you must also install one of our SMS gateway integrations.

This add-on allows you to send text messages (SMS) right from your WordPress site! You can use SMS to communicate more effectively with your audience in several different ways.

Send SMS from the contact record.

Compose your own SMS messages directly from the contact record.

Pre-design and personalize SMS.

Write and personalize your SMS messages in WordPress.

Send SMS from your marketing funnels.

You can use SMS to prompt users to open emails or call you back. Increasing the likelihood a customer will purchase or become a client.

Send Admin Notifications as a Text Message.

You can now send admin notifications as text messages so admins or employees can be informed of crucial KPIs faster.

Integrate with the Calendar extension.

Use SMS to ensure higher appointment show-up rates. Remind customers up to the minute before an appointment starts.