Need Support? We can help.

Need help configuring one of our products something is not working as expected? We can help sort you out in no time.

Purchase a support license to receive access to our premium support center so that you can get busy building your business instead of debugging plugins!

Why do you charge for support?

We, like you, are a small business. It takes enormous amounts of time and money to make sure that your questions are answered as quickly as possible. In order to ensure quality and delivery are never compromised we charge a small fee to keep things running smoothly.

Do extensions include support?

Our premium plans, the old All Access Pass, and WaaS plan all include support. If you purchased an extension separately, you will not have access to premium support.

If you do not have access to premium support but did purchases an extension, ask us about upgrading to a premium plan. We will gladly offer you a prorated price to upgrade to a premium plan. Otherwise, you must purchase a support license separately.

What if I have a basic question?

If you have a basic question please refer to the documentation or our online community for your question.

Can I cancel my support license?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I request a refund?

Support licenses which are purchased separately are not eligible for refunds.