Building a WaaS using WordPress multisite? Groundhogg is the ideal CRM to enable your clients to build their lists, send emails, and create funnels.

WaaS Features

  • 1 license key to license your entire network
  • White label Groundhogg to your WaaS brand
  • Access to all integrations & addons
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite, WaaSPro addons, WP Ultimo & more.
  • Use for an unlimited number of subsites on a single WordPress network.

White label Groundhogg to your brand!

Your customers will never know they’re using Groundhogg!

Use for UNLIMITED subsites on your WordPress network.

Scale your multisite as much as you can, there is no limit to the number of subsites per network that can use Groundhogg with the WaaS license.


Some questions we get asked a lot!

Does the WaaS plan work with multi-tenant systems?

At this time the Groundhogg WaaS plan is NOT compatible with multi-tenant systems. We are aware that more and more WaaSproneurs are choosing this route and we are working on a suitable licensing system for that case.

What happens if I don’t renew?

Your customers will no longer receive the most recent updates of Groundhogg products, but only you will see renewal notices.

Can my customers get support from you?

No, as a WaaS provider you are responsible for providing your customers support. However, if there is a bug or issue with setting up your WaaS we will of course help you.