Are you selling products with WooCommerce? You may be missing out on potential revenue by not leveraging CRM and Marketing Automation to predict and increase your customers’ spending habits.

You can use the Groundhogg integration with WooCommerce to stay in front of your customers and guide them from their first interaction with you to the checkout page and prevent new business from falling through the cracks.

All Features

These are essential features for any e-commerce site running WooCommerce.

  • See which funnels and emails are actually making money.
  • Start funnels and automation based on WooCommerce order events like purchased or refunded
    • New order
    • Order status changed
    • Product purchased
      • By category
      • By tag
      • By product ID
  • Filter contacts by purchase and order history
  • Apply tags when products are purchased
  • Sync past orders with your CRM

Know if your marketing is making money!

Groundhogg makes it easy to know if your funnels and emails are working. In the email and funnel reports, you’ll be able to see how much revenue and the number of orders came from a specific funnel or email.

Recover more abandoned carts!

Increase revenue by staying in front of potential customers and nudge them towards the checkout page with a simple funnel using our Add To Cart and Cart Emptied benchmarks. Their cart is saved and can be restored on any device.

Follow up with refunds and failed payments!

Set up a funnel to reach out to failed payments and refunds to see if there is any way you can help or improve the customer experience using the Order Status Changed benchmark.

Send review requests after a successful order!

Automatically reach out to customers and request a review whenever an order is marked complete!

Send targeted emails and messages!

Segment and filter your list by their order history so you can send highly targeted messaging. For example, promote similar products to those who bought another product in the last 60 days.

Auto-generate single-use coupons!

Send single-use coupons to new subscribers and get them to make their first order.

Better customer search and data visibility!

Search for customers and their information through Groundhogg’s CRM which is much better than WooCommerce’s customer database. Plus see all their WooCommerce details and order history in the contact record, alongside any other information from your other plugins.

Sync past orders with your Groundhogg.

Already using WooCommerce for a while? No problem! With 1 click you can sync all your past orders with Groundhogg in seconds.