Initiate marketing With WP Simple Pay!

WP Simple pay is a wonderful solution to start collecting payments quickly and easily on your WordPress website.

However, not much usually happens after that initial purchase as far as your customer is concerned.

Make sure the conversation doesn’t end there by connecting WP Simple Pay to Groundhogg through the addition of the Stripe Payment benchmark in the funnel builder.

Why use WP Simple Pay?

  • Setup payment forms in a matter of minutes
  • Uses Stripe which is WP & Developer friendly
  • Super easy to learn
  • Great documentation and support!

Why should you connect it to Groundhogg?

  • Increase returning customers by continuing the conversation
  • Decrease abandoned orders with cart abandonment campaigns
  • Segment customers into better lists for marketing purposes
  • Get better reporting and stats when it comes to your sales

New WP Simple Pay Benchmark

Use the WP Simple Pay benchmark in the funnel builder to start funnels when you collect payments.