Connect Groundhogg to more than 1000 Apps with Zapier!

Groundhogg can do a lot! But not everything… When you need to do some crazy cool stuff sometimes we need to offload the job to something more suited to the task. Zapier has ALL the connections to make sure you get the information to the right application.

Our Zapier extension makes it easy to send information to Zapier right within your funnels without any complicated setup on the Groundhogg end.

Why should you use Zapier?

With literally thousands of Apps in their toolkit, you can send Information collected Via Groundhogg to any SAAS Service you can think of.

Maintain multiple CRMs, populate Google sheets, send PDFs! The possibilities are endless.

How do I get started?

When you install and activate the Zapier extension you’ll be able to drag into any funnel the new Zapier Action (portrayed below). Enter your Webhook URL and follow these instructions to set up the rest of your Zap.