The #1 Marketing Automation & CRM Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies that use WordPress.

Use Groundhogg for your clients to eliminate the pain and frustration of traditional marketing automation and CRM tools.

Marketing Automation

Create simple or complex sales funnels to guide your leads through your sales process.

Email Marketing

Send personalized and highly targeted emails to your list in just a few minutes.


Easily manage your contacts and collect the information you need through custom forms.


Use pipelines to manage leads, generate sales forecasts and trigger automation.


Collect Single & Recurring Payments with Stripe right from your funnel!

Is Groundhogg really as affordable as people are saying?

Groundhogg starts at just $20 a month!

Yes! Regardless of how many emails sent, the number of contacts , number of users or even how many funnels you have, YOU PAY the SAME Price for every installation. Now that’s truly revolutionary!

Getting frustrated with all your 3rd party integrations?

Groundhogg keeps all your data in one place.

Stop spending hours and hours integrating your software with APIs and 3rd party subscriptions. Groundhogg is installed directly into WordPress and it connects to all your favorite WordPress eCommerce, sales and lead generation tools. What could be easier?

Try Groundhogg Before You Buy!

Get a 30 day trial to see if Groundhogg fits your agency's needs.

Concerned about email deliverability?

Spend more time sending email, less time fixing it!

Not to worry. Agencies can use any email delivery provider such as; SendWP, SendGrid, AWS SES, Mailgun or countless other options. We think you should have a choice of email provider and now you do!

Aren't you tired of switching? Maybe it's time to settle down...

Groundhogg is the last CRM & Marketing automation tool you'll ever need.

If you’ve been switching from provider to provider, we know how painful it can be to move around like that. We also know that if you move to Groundhogg it’s going to be your last stop. Groundhogg’s tools make migration easy and painless. And we know the results you’ll get will keep you from switching ever again.

Curious what other Digital Marketing Agencies have to say?

Try Groundhogg Before You Buy!

Get a 30 day trial to see if Groundhogg fits your agency's needs.

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