Using the Twilio Integration also requires the SMS addon!

Use Twilio to send your SMS & WhatsApp Messages!

Connect Groundhogg to your Twilio account to send SMS and WhatsApp messages!

All you need is a Twilio account, set up your settings in WordPress, and then you can send your SMS messages right away.


  • Send SMS messages in funnels
  • Compose SMS messages in the contact record
  • Send WhatsApp messages in funnels
  • Compose WhatsApp messages in the contact record
  • Receive replies to start automation in funnels
  • Enable contacts to option via WhatsApp or SMS
  • See SMS & WhatsApp replies in the contact history

Send SMS with Twilio!

To start sending SMS with Twilio, simply add your Twilio API settings and the number you want to send from and select Twilio as the service to use for Groundhogg.

Send WhatsApp messages with Twilio

When you are an approved WhatsApp sender, you can add your WhatsApp number to Groundhogg to start sending messages in funnels.

You can also compose one-off messages in the contact record!

See replies to your messages in the contact history

Whenever a contact replies to an outgoing SMS or WhatsApp message, see the reply in the contact history!

Automate funnels with message replies

Start or progress funnels using the Twilio Reply benchmark. When a keyword is found the contact will be added to the funnel!

Collect new subscribers with the Twilio Opt-in Flow!

When you use the Twilio Reply benchmark as the first benchmark in a funnel, anyone who texts you number the specified keywords can opt-in to your list by following the prompts.