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Install Groundhogg by yuploading the plugin file to your WordPress site.

You will then be promted to setup Groundhogg by following a quick and simple setup guide.

Start Building Funnels

You'll be able to start building funnels and writing emails instantly! No purchase neccessary.

Use the pre-built teplates to get you started!

Launch, Grow, Scale

Wintess as your list grows and you reach more people. test and optimize your funnels and emails for maximum effect.

The sky is the limit!

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Eligible 501c3 non-profits can get 50% off of Groundhogg for their first year.

Inspiration for Non-Profits!

Integrate Groundhogg with the GiveWP plugin to get more donors and maximize donation amounts!

Groundhogg can be connected to GiveWP to enable non-profits to better leverage their donors’ information by sending them emails, automatically following up with them, and pushing them to donate or having them share and spread your cause!

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"Groundhogg and GiveWP are a great match!"

Groundhogg has all the right features to enhance your donor relationships. Plus the whole team responds quickly to user feedback by adding new features and improvements continually. It’s a great fit for fundraising websites for sure. — Matt Cromwell, Operations and co-Founder GiveWP

Save $1,000s/yr by switching to Groundhogg!

Based on paying $200-$300/m for our leading competitor for 1 year

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